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Pros:At the car pick up place I noticed that the mystery vehicle I was rented seated 7 passengrs, way too big for me, one person. The car check out person did exchange the vehicle for a small sedan which was perfect. All vehicles were new, clean, and this part of the rental was easy.Cons:I waited in line for a full hour, standing in line with thirty other people, to get to the counter to rent my vehicle. This was inexcusable. There were two customer service people behind the counter and it took about 10 full minutes per person to check out a car. This was after several hours of travel and I was anxious to get out of the airport and to my condo in the Phoenix area. Incidentally, my check out person had a cold and kept wiping his nose with his hand. Am wondering if he was contagious. You really need to hire more Advantage/E-Z Rental customer service agents to service the renters. Everyone in line was complaining about the wait and I did mention it to my agent who basically did not reply.Reviewed Apr 30 2017
review fromkayak
Pros:there has to be a way for each transaction to get a pre registered car to take less than 30 minutes per person. my flight was delayed- I was ready with all the right things- and your team has to call the person with the cars- beg borrow and steal to get a placement it seems - took forever! I also get customer service= but with a line of 30 people all that are in a hurry talking about aunt martha and directions to grand canyon is not the time while getting your car. your check in software was sub par- i could not even see my initials on the contract. I then get to my car after over an hour+ wait- and the the rude girl checking me out- says "did you check this car for damages?" I did not- and she had a full attitude - I will go back to my preferred car rental with Hertz- or Avis- not worth the loss of hours in my pick up. The guy who checked me in- however was super nice on the way home. HATE how far the car rental place is now in PHX> will take UBER next time. NOT WORTH IT>Reviewed Apr 26 2016
review fromkayak
Cons:The agent at the counter, Ken C., was extremely rude and inappropriate. He made several rude remarks to the customers, especially female customers, in front of me as well as me. It was very unpleasant to witness that kind of sexism and unprofessionalism. He made me feel very uncomfortable. His behavior was bizarre and honestly a little bit creepy. I asked him for a card or the name of the manager and he refused to provide either. I had to talk to another agent to get that information. This was my first time renting through EZ car and unfortunately, due to the extremely poor customer service, I will not rent a car with them in the future. I hope that you take this review into serious consideration and relay this message regarding Ken C. to the manager of that rental service. Thank you.Reviewed Oct 10 2018
review fromkayak
Pros:I liked the RAV4.Cons:Too many hidden costs. They were very disorganized when getting the rental. They gave me the lot number for the car but there was no car there. This happened two more times. They didn't have my car available and asked me to pay for an upgrade or keep my same price and be downgraded. When I paid for an upgrade (after complaining about it) they also charged me extra for the cost of fuel for the car. I was paying for the full tank and the tank was larger and therefore more expensive for the upgraded car. Poor customer service.Reviewed Dec 15 2016
review fromkayak
Horrible Customer Service.Cons:I waited at the service desk for 10 minutes before an actual agent showed up from the backroom. As a 24-hour service company, I would expect at least one agent available at all times. If not, a simple sign notifying any customer they are away from the desk would have sufficed, but no warning. Once the agent returned he was not apologetic about leaving his desk as he was "in the bathroom", although when he came from the backroom there was another employee available. The agent then went on to prevent me from receiving the rental I had booked two weeks prior because I didn't not have an airline ticket with the purchase. I advised him I didn't need an airline ticket because I was paying with the credit card, which he then tried to justify his reasoning per their policy. Having the little patience I did because of this horrible experience I asked him for his name which he denied and went even further to almost deny me the rental car. This was very unprofessional of this company and it is not the first time I have experienced their "service". I have also rented under Advantage Rentals which is the same entity under a different name and they truly make it a difficult experience to process your rental information and receive a car. Never will I rent from either company again, I would much rather pay extra for the added customer service and connivence experience I deserve.Reviewed Feb 5 2018
review fromkayak
up selling at pick up was distastefulPros:We actually really enjoyed the car itself, good gas mileage, it was clean, and it was comfortable.Cons:We didn’t like being up sold at pick up. The man behind the counter tried to get us into a larger SUV because we were driving in “higher elevation” for hundreds of dollars more than the economy sedan we reserved. He was very persistent and would then lower the price incrementally to further shade is to upgrade. Then he scared us about “loss of use” insurance. We didn’t upgrade, we didn’t by extra coverage, and we were fine. I call d my insurance broker and he said we were covered with our personal car insurance policy. Because of the up selling we had a stressful hour exchange at pick up that didn’t need to happen. Everything else was smooth sailing, but we’re going with Herz Enterprise next time because they have a relationship with our insurance company, State Farm.Reviewed Jan 8 2018
review fromkayak
Cons:I made a reservation for E-Z car rentals in Phoenix in good faith and prepaid but was informed weeks later that they could not honor the reservation and did not have the car for me. I had to quickly find another provider through a different web site to avoid a catastrophic holiday season. The fact that they made it look like I had a car and took my payment in advance only to tell me later that they could not honor what I would believe is a contractual agreement is HORRIBLE. I am still trying to get my money back for something I never received. DO NOT USE E-Z CAR IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE WHAT KAYAK LEADS YOU TO BELIEVE. IT MAY NOT BE TRUE!Reviewed Jan 5 2018
review fromkayak
E-Z Never AgainPros:The car was comfortable and in good conditionCons:The sales counter check-in process is slow and based on making customers buy additional services. My counter agent spent time warning me against my insurance choices, what car I rented (so he could upgrade me for an additional cost) just to sell additional services. The sales person really pushed the option to sell me gasoline and warned me that I must fill up no more than two miles from the airport. I felt disrespected as a customer. I will not use Advantage or E-Z car rental again. The small savings I experienced was not worth the effort and the waste of my time. Return staff seemed disinterested and unfriendly. All I was told to do was leave the keys, take my stuff and leave, and my receipt would be emailed to me. I have not received this receipt.Reviewed Feb 10 2017
review fromkayak
They were out of vehicles even for people with a reservationCons:I arrived in Phoenix very late at night hoping to pick up a compact I reserved two months ahead of time. As I was standing in line the clerk announced that the only had minivans and SUVs left. When I approached him to see if I could come back the next day to get the vehicle I originally reserved he told me to get back in line. There were only two parties ahead of me but it took me almost na hour to finally be able to talk to him. He tried to convince me that I needed an SUV to get around the Sedona area. I was doubtful and ended up leaving without a car.Reviewed Mar 16 2018
review fromkayak
FisappoinyedPros:I made a mistake on dates. Front desk wouldn't honor my online price. Long lines. Slow service. Customer ahead of me, he made a reservation through a 3rd party with one credit card, E-Z Rent a car didn't take that card, do he had to pay walk up prices, even with reservation. Another person in my party made a new reservation, but they still couldn't "see it" in the system. In the end we waited 1.5 hours. Finally made a reservation with Budget and we were out of there in 5 minutes. it seems E-Z is a sham of a business, only interested in catching you with a problem so they can up the charge. What a horrible business. My guess is the owners are from outside the country trying to squeeze American customers. Never again will I use a lower priced car rental company, and definitely not E-Z. Worst experience renting cars in 25 years.Reviewed Feb 5 2017
review fromkayak
If you have a schedule or valuables... AVOID.Pros:Everything except the pickup was fine.Cons:Pickup was a disorganized, frustrating mess. The line at the rental terminal was almost an hour long, and reached well into the main hall. The EZ and Advantage lines were separated by a theatre-style rope and pole setup at the opening to the shared office, but the lines that extended out into the terminal were unlabeled and left to mingle. At least one party chose the wrong line and had to go back to the beginning of the “correct” line when they reached the section where the signs were located. Additionally, there was a sign in the EZ line forbidding luggage in the line, but the Advantage patrons had no such restriction. EZ customers were expected to leave their belongings unguarded, on the floor near a wall at the opening of the large hall terminal. This policy was not enforced by employees, so some folks who hadn’t noticed the sign, or chose not to abandon their stuff were confronted by other customers, sometimes aggressively. As the line moved, customers’ positions moved into the alcove of the office, and their luggage was out of their sight for an uncomfortable length of time (if they had chosen to comply with the “no-luggage” rule.) The EZ desk was woefully understaffed, and the line moved almost as fast as the moon moves across the sky. I was in line for almost a full hour, and I missed a meeting.Reviewed Jan 7 2019
review fromkayak
Very misleadingPros:The car itself drove well and we had no problems with it mechanically.Cons:The prices you see on kayak and other websites are extremely misleading to what you are actually going to pay when you get to the rental center. I had reserved a car under the impression I was going to pay $110 and had made arrangements with other people in my party that we would be paying that amount. When we arrived we were told they no longer had a car size that would fit for our party so I was forced to upgrade the vehicle. This plus about $60 in unmentioned taxes lead to over a $100 increase (exactly $139 increase). If I would have known that any of these things were possible I would not have reserved through kayak or used EZ Car Rental. It was a good very poor experience to say the least.Reviewed Apr 19 2016
review fromkayak

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