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1 stop from R6 434
1 stop from R7 039
1 stop from R9 110
Mont Lubin
1 stop from R10 623

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R3 344

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R3 404
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Flight from Johannesburg OR Tambo to Port Louis Sir Seewoosagur Ram.
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  • Looking for cheap airfare to Mauritius? 25% of our users found tickets to Mauritius for the following prices or less: From Johannesburg OR Tambo R3 404 one-way - R6 472 round-trip, from Durban R4 462 one-way - R11 425 round-trip, from Cape Town R9 189 one-way - R16 120 round-trip
  • Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price.
  • High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Mauritius is August.
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Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews
South AfricanOverall score based on 1850 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "It’s a hop and a skip, just 2 1/2 hours. But. Nice flight"
Read more about South African
Cons: "It’s a hop and a skip, just 2 1/2 hours. But. Nice flight"
Pros: "Crew very civil & well dress, plane was very clean,great hospitality"
Cons: "They used some kind of spray while we were sitting in the plane and made it hard for me to breathe ,hopefully they can do that before boarding"
Pros: "Crew were amazing"
Pros: "Crew was really awesome"
Cons: "More information regarding seating preferences"
Cons: "Delightful stewardess. Tiny plane, but they still offered sandwiches and drinks!"
Pros: "Good leg room, pleasant stuff except for one exception"
Cons: "Terrible entertainment. Unresponsive cabin crew member to fact that the whole right hand aisle of the plane had no overhead lights or entertainment that worked. She merely told people she had rebooted three times and there was nothing else to do. No apology. Headphones were faulty on both outgoing and returning flights."
Cons: "Many seats the entertainment system didn't work. Both on our outgoing and return trips. Our seats going had one of the two systems inoperable. Coming home both were inoperable. They both were 16 hour flights!!!"
Pros: "The ease of boarding, flight was half empty so lots of space and confort, the seats are well spaced so lots of leg room."
Cons: "No entertainment, the tvs were not working."
Pros: "Crew was excellent, very personable and were able to get drinks and food out within the 40 min flight."
Cons: "Old plane and the one engine started to make a screeching noise which carried on for about 20 min."
Pros: "Very hospitable crew at all times"
Cons: "Immigration/landing forms ran out"
Pros: "Everything"
Cons: "Nothing"
Pros: "The crew was so caring"
Cons: "Nothing"
Cons: "My entertainment center didn't work for the first 6 hours of the flight - along with virtually the entire plane. Then it worked but a lot of people's didn't, however it would skip 2-3 seconds every 5min or so."
Pros: "Newer plan and the entertainment was pretty good."
Cons: "Flight arrived an hour later but the biggest issue was the limitation on food options. It seems selections of popular choices ran out fairly quickly."
Pros: "Very friendly, helpful and professional"
Pros: "Crew was okayish"
Cons: "Flight and lateness"
Pros: "How short the flight was. They also let us board early with a infant."
Cons: "The guest service at the check in was terrible. Back and forth between counters. Very rushed service on flight."
Pros: "I watched "This is Us" for the first time on the entertainment system. Glad you had that program! The breakfast is good. The dinner is a bit of a weird mix of food--fish, waakye (rice and beans), spaghetti, and fried plantains all in the same dish?"
Cons: "Took so long to leave almost missed my connecting flight.0"
Pros: "Nothing really great stood out. Normal trip"
Cons: "They lost my bags. Also the staff failed to properly ticket us for a new flight and were told to just run to the gate. The gate person was confused and it just made the whole event stressful."
Pros: "The crew was incredibly attentive and professional. Aircraft was clean."
Pros: "On time"
Cons: "Too crowded."
Cons: "My luggage was not forwarded to Johannesburg, SA was not helpful. Missed flight. Luckily Quatar booked us on another flight."
Pros: "Quick flight, everything seemed to go smoothly."
Cons: "Seats were not super comfortable, food wasn't great."
Pros: "Good space and legroom."
Cons: "Option to get more food would have been better since I just got off a long flight. Tray for food and laptop was broken."
Pros: "value for money for the frugal class. on time."
Cons: "it is what it is - a very long flight in economy class."
Pros: "It's a fast flight"
Cons: "n/a"
Pros: "The flight attendants were gracious and friendly."
Cons: "The food was not great. Flapjacks for breakfast.."
Pros: "Willingness of customer service agents to get us through security fast to board our group's flight."
Cons: "Different baggage polices between SA and SAX. SA has two bags at 23 kilos each while SAX has one bag at 20 kilos, which makes traveling on SAX incredibly expensive when going through Johannesburg to any region where it flies. I understand weight limit on aircraft, but choose to be more upfront with baggage polices on SA's website if flying with SAX so people don't have a "gotcha" moment at the counter."
Cons: "My luggage was "lost" for more than half of my trip and when I finally received it all of my electronic and various other items were stolen."
Pros: "We left and arrived on time. The tea was hot."
Cons: "Everything else. It was freezing cold but the crew were not able to adjust the temp. Kept saying it's a problem with the section. Long flight to be miserably cold. The seat arms don't lift so even though I had 3 empty seats I could not lie down. The food was mediocre and both breakfast options had pork. No choices unless I preordered a special meal. The entertainment system didn't work well. And the crew members were quite surly. Sadly I have to use SA for my return trip. Not looking toward to it at all."
Pros: "The cabin crew was very friendly and the flight was also smooth. Totally loved the landing."
Cons: "In flight entertainment was not working and that was disappointing."
Pros: "Clean cabin, reasonably comfortable seat."
Cons: "Tons of extra security checks, totally unneeded. Staff are overly concerned with useless details (stow your blanket for takeoff, don't even think about ever using your phone until the door is opened, etc). Food was pretty lousy, as expected. Video system had tons of problems, old units."
Pros: "Friendliness of the service crew and service Food was excellent Pilot kept us informed"
Pros: "Was great!"
Cons: "We waited on the tarmac for 5 hours due to a computer issue before starting our 17-hour flight to Johannesburg. It was absolutely unbelievable! Once we were in the air, I was dismayed to find my TV completely non-functional. What's more, we were only given one meal so that the crew could "meet their rest quota." We will do all we can to never fly South African Airways again!"
Pros: "Efficient flight."
Cons: "Bag drop off staff are unfocused with a couldn't-care-less attitude. Cabin crew hardly have a personable disposition - cold and utilitarian: not a smile or a nod!!"
Pros: "no zones, so when they call the flight, first in line with a ticket gets to board first"
Cons: "There is no jet way/loading bridge connected to the terminal so you walk outside to reach your aircraft. Our boarding took place on a nice day but if the weather was poor then you would be subjected to that environment,"
Cons: "My flight was cancelled and I was stuck in Johannesburg overnight. I was at the airport all day the next day trying to figure out if I would get back to the US."
Cons: "Kosher food awful"
Pros: "We were boarded quickly and the staff ... most helpful We also did not have to buy our seats which I thought was ridiculous on British airways Flights were packed but that was okay"
Pros: "Voyager programme Efficient and friendly crew On return flight they checked passengers hand luggage and stopped the overweight and excessive bags - brilliant as makes flight comfortable for all"
Cons: "Both flights delayed Return flight was an old plane needing some TLC Voyager customer care sucks - they really need a mobile app On return flight they helped themselves to snack in the front pouch of my checked in bag"
Pros: "Good service overall, the food was good indeed."
Cons: "Entertainment system was faulty. My playback was not working and next seat's audio was not working properly"
Cons: "No power and was told I couldn't use a blanket during take off."
Pros: "Comfort of the seats and the crew was helpful.the"
Cons: "There needs to be more food selections.."
Cons: "Good, chairs"
Cons: "the flight was late - which meant we had to literally run through the airport to connect with our next SAA flight. the disembarkation was also chaotic - the crew could have allowed all passengers connecting with the next SAA flight to disembark first - but instead made an announcement (after everyone was already standing) advising that "passengers connecting on SA 375 you will need to really rush through customs as you only have a few minutes to connect". Not very helpful at all! Also - the food was terrible. SAA constantly serves up the worst possible airline food (and I travel frequently so am accustomed to airline food). Finally, the entertainment system is of a very poor quality and they constantly have to re-start the system."
Pros: "Smooth flight from take off to landing , great staff"
Pros: "Staff were OK and helpful"
Cons: "food was rather plain and sparse Boarding was mass confusion and once aboard, had to wait for one hour for a Capetown flight to arrive entertainment for the 10hr flight was very little; need more selection and update your movies, please. Seating a bit rough and given it was a night flight, more lights out time needed"
Pros: "The windo seat"
Cons: "Lack of space"

British Airways desk was not structured enough in Nice terminal 1. No sign before the registerer indicating that the Locator Form must be completed before reaching the desk. The previous day I couldn't complete it as the British Airways website didn't allow me to registerer online an attribute a seat number. I have waited 2 hours to register and was denied as the Locator Form was not done and assumed that I could complete it at the desk. The officer closed the register in front of me not even giving any assistance. I had to argue to have my flight reschedule for the following day and have my boarding pass edited with the seat number to complete the Locator Form very easily that should have been done by the officer in the first place....

Pros: "The crew was fabulous. Very helpful and upbeat!"
Cons: "The food wasn’t very good."
Cons: "Pre boarding at the gate was slightly chaotic"
Cons: "Got a flight delayed and missed my connection. Had to wait >12hrs for next flight"
Pros: "Crew was lovely and kind, esp to babies and their clueless parents. I also like the safety video"
Pros: "The flight was smooth and quick. Got to LA within 40 minutes."
Cons: "They could've provided some snacks."
Pros: "Flight was on time."
Cons: "Not applicable."
Cons: "The food was okay. The sandwich towards the end of the flight was not very good at all."
Cons: "Flight from heathrow to Manchester stopped it being excellent alll round as flight delayed over an hour"
Pros: "Good service and crew."
Cons: "Seats were very very narrow."
Cons: "Baggage delayed on arrival"
Pros: "This was a charter by BA. Airbus A320 with amazing legroom. Was slightly annoyed by them not having coffee ( to wake me up for the drive home) but I suppose I get why they weren’t serving hot beverages."
Cons: "The beverages thing above."
Cons: "Once again BA lost my luggage from my connecting flight. Twice in a week and a half."
Pros: "Staff"
Cons: "Feeling like one of many cattle funnelled through an already over-capacity system."
Cons: "You have to pay for food, snacks and water on this flight. there were no complimentary snacks or drinks given."
Cons: "Not even a free water/soda was offered, need to purchase everything."
Pros: "The crew was great and made the flight comfortable and easy! They brought drinks as needed, free of charge, movies and headphones were provided, and the flight arrived ahead of schedule in London! A wonderful experience! Would absolutely fly again and was so pleased to find the deal on kayak!!!!"
Pros: "Boarding was fast and efficient. Everyone went the same time. Had to come in via a small queue and then wait for the gate to open."
Cons: "No food or drinks given at all for free. You had to buy even a soft drink. Not a good experience at all. I waited and bought fast food at the airport after the flight."
Pros: "Nice staff, very accommodating to the fact that we were late and missing connections. The ground staff in baltimore were communicative and really nice about the delay. The ground staff in london were super on top of it, handing us a new boarding pass as soon as we landed given that we missed our connection."
Cons: "The back of the plane is just SO cramped. Seems humane to take out a seat in that back section. The food was pretty dry. Would have appreciated a bit more explanation of options. I didn't watch any movies - just tried to sleep. We took off three hours late. It's surprising to me that none of the BA staff spoke italian. Would have been helpful for the missed connections as I ended up stumbling through some spanish to help an older italian couple who didn't speak any english. it was surprising how little translation there was!"
Pros: "I liked that it was a short flight."
Cons: "I didn’t dislike anything about the flight."
Pros: "Actually was British Airways and not another airline. Service was great."
Pros: "Anna from Portugal was fantastic"
Cons: "Seat 26J was awful. You could feel the springs coils!"
Cons: "Unfortunately BA have turned into a budget airline experience at higher than budget airline prices."
Pros: "BA moved me on to the Kulula flight without any fuss and gave me a meal voucher."
Cons: "I got to the airport to find that my 19:15 flight had been delayed to 22:15. I hadn't received any notification from BA and still do not know the reason for the delay. The only other option available was for BA to put us on the 20:20 Kulula flight to Lanseria and then shuttle us from Lanseria to OR Tambo. It really is not pleasant to get back home so late on a week night and not even be given any warning or any reason for the huge delay."
Pros: "Crew and entertainment are excellent"
Cons: "Food is mediocre. Temperature on the flights to and from Tel Aviv is very cold (needed blanket and shawl both directions)."
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "There was an abusive passenger sitting behind me that kicked my chair the entire flight. They were angry that they didn't have more space and that I wanted to have my seat back. I offered to put it up during meal times to make sure they had enough space but that wasn't good enough. The crew knew what was happening and tried to get the other passenger to stop but the passenger persisted. The crew refused to upgrade me even though I had paid for an aisle seat and there were no other aisle seats available for me to move to. I find this service unacceptable. I probably won't be willing to fly BA again as they obviously care more about money than ensuring their customers are comfortable."
Cons: "The flight was delayed. It was also held back with us on the plane. We were not even offered water or anything while we waited. It ended up being 1.5 hours delayed plus a 3 hour flight with no food. You could purchase snacks and drinks, including water. I learned my lesson to buy before going on the plane next time."
Pros: "Good entertainment. More comfortable. The ride was smooth."
Cons: "Service. Having to ask for my food being skipped and also having food choices."
Pros: "excellent food, crew was incredible and really friendly."
Cons: "only complaint was that the woman next to me had the aisle seat, drank 4 units of alcohol and fell asleep so i was unable to go to the bathroom. additionally, she didn't get up once so why she needed the aisle seat is beyond me."
Pros: "Entertainment selection was above average, curried chicken dinner was good too!"
Cons: "They lost our suitcase full of outdoor gear (boots, coats, underwear, socks and thermals) days before we head to the inside of the arctic circle on an anniversary trip. Pretty upsetting to say the least"
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours before takeoff. Then I missed my connection flight at LHR. Consequently I had to wait for 4 hours to catch filling flight form LHR to NCL. BA very poor service."
Pros: "Amazing! Great customer service from flight attendants and it was a smooth travel. Loved it!"
Cons: "Cabin crew seemed uninterested in passengers. Hot food was honestly disgusting and there were no snacks other than a sugary chocolate bar"
Cons: "The lack of service"
Pros: "Although there were some problems with the arrival of the flight into Gatwick, the captain came along the cabin explaining the difficulties and offering his sincerest apologies (although it was not his fault, nor the fault of BA). This was truly a British response to something like this. Also, I paid for a seat with extra legroom and the space I had was massive - well worth the investment for a 12+ hour flight."
Cons: "Boarding was chaotic in Lima. It really can't be that hard to organize different lines for different parts of the plane."
Cons: "Old plane"
Pros: "lost bag not delivered yet, more then 24 hrs now and still waiting"
Cons: "It is a short flight"
Cons: "delays, loud drunk in boarding area in Amsterdam that had been removed from his flight,"
Pros: "Wonderful customer service and hot meal was a lovely treat!!"
Pros: "Every thing was great . From the friendly crew, comfortable seat and good food."
Cons: "Nothing bad to say"
Pros: "The crew was friendly."
Cons: "The chicken meal was one tiny slab or meat-about two inches by 1 inch (5 cm x 2.5 cm in Metrics). It was dreadful."
Pros: "Everything was great and I truly enjoyed this flight."
Pros: "First time I have used assisted travel for myself and husband and it made a huge distance Flight was very good with excellent service in club class"
Cons: "No dislikes"
Pros: "Got me back to the UK"
Cons: "Lack of storage around seat Lack of privacy Felt like a patient on a trolley Heavy handed portion control Club larder stocked with leftovers Poor quality tableware, that was chipped"
Cons: "When flying British Airways through Heathrow, one hour is not sufficient time to connect even if both flights are in Terminal 5. I missed my connection, and the next flight was 9 hours later!"
Pros: "Seats were spacious, they greeted travelers with champagne, flight attendants were very friendly and helpful."
Pros: "Peaceful"
Cons: "Delay. Poor food."
Pros: "Boarding was quick and efficient and the crew was friendly and very helpful. The one flight was on time, but the other can be excused because of a technical fault on the plain. Safety is priority #1 so although a 3 hour delay was not nice, i'd rather be safe than sorry!"
Cons: "The food was absolutely appalling on both flights... We received a cheese snack. It was an old sesame seed bun ,with a very thin, small slice of cheese which you could hardly taste on it. With that they placed cucumber, that does not add to the taste of the dish, but only makes the bread soggy. There is also a piece of lettuce on that is past its crunchy freshness it is supposed to have. The last ingredient is sun-dried tomato that was the only ray of light for a poor effort of a snack by BA. I can truly say that during the past year BA's in flight food service on local flights, are on a downward spiral and almost in the dumps."
Pros: "This is how a flight sould be lots of leg room the seat went back ,the flight was from Heathrow unlike other airlines that fly from the worst airport I have ever been to that's Luton"
Cons: "Noting"
Pros: "I did not enjoy at all that some of the middle rows (3 seats) were either empty or had only one seat occupied, while the front sections were occupied with 3 passengers!!! Dont they have computer programs that should sort that out?"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and ontime"
Pros: "Crew is great and friendly. Plane comfortable and clean."
Cons: "Boarding in Harare was a little delayed. No explanation or information was provided. Food on board : a bun and a muffin were provided for breakfast. No butter or jam or honey or chesse. Most unimaginative meal."
Pros: "Everything was Amazing. This is one of the best Airline out there and they need more recognition."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "By far the best food I have ever had in a flight. And I am still trying to figure out how we landed without and no one noticed. Every one on the flight were amazed that we didn’t feel a thing upon landing. The crew were so friendly and accommodating, it was unreal."
Cons: "Perhaps advertise more to Europeans as this airline is up there with the best of them."
Cons: "Hostesses were kind of biased. Entertainment was not too fantastic, flight was excessively delayed"
Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "Every thing was fine"
Cons: "Flight was delayed for 2 hours. I missed my connection flight to Lilongwe and had to spend a night in nairobi. What n incovinienve!"
Pros: "Crew was helpful."
Cons: "We were delaying on the outgoing flight and coming back as well."
Cons: "I enjoyed the flight and the host were so friendly and kind."
Pros: "terrible airline"
Cons: "delayed my flights twice"
Pros: "I liked everything about this trip"
Cons: "N/A"
Cons: "It was way too hot. Our child was uncomfortable from the heat the entire trip."
Pros: "Both segmrnts left on time. The on- flight crew were pleasant. The 787 on first flight comfortable in biz class for a nap. Food service well carried out by crew."
Cons: "The 737 on second flight ....the long overnight one... Was very uncomfortable in biz class. On arrival in Nairobi...the hub city...there was no staff. A.c. no working or escalator in airport. Biz line for security not open. Food below average. No breakfast as we one meal."
Pros: "I liked their service and more so, there orange juice"
Cons: "Since this was a short flight , I don’t have much comment."
Pros: "Crew efficient and eager to please. Generous with food and drink."
Cons: "Some seats had damaged entertainment equipment. One seat had a damaged USB charging port. We just used the one from the next seat. Another had a damaged remote control for the entertainment system. Still usable via touch though."
Cons: "I was very disappointed with Kenya Airways on my recent round trip from Kigali to New York to visit family for Christmas. Due to a delay on my connecting flight from Kigali to Nairobi, I missed my flight to JFK and had to stay in Kenya for a full day, shortening my already brief trip. I do not know what caused this delay other than Kenya Airways staff having seemingly no urgency to get us off the ground. On my return flight to Kigali a delay attributed to “operations” increased my layover from 8 hours to 12 hours. On top of the scheduled delay we were delayed an additional hour because boarding did not begin when it should have. I was also less than impressed with the movie selection on the plane. I will not be flying with Kenya Airways again and now understand why they were the cheapest option!"
Pros: "Kenya airways theme song"
Pros: "I liked the staff members in the plane. they were very nice"
Cons: "the food portions are too small"
Cons: "I’m still in Nairobi because they delayed the plane"
Cons: "My flight never left Kigali and neither etihad nor Kenyan was able to help"
Cons: "I had asked for window seats from the agent I spoke to and didn't get that when my flights were changed."
Pros: "The easy and comfortable element of the flight."
Cons: "I didn’t really hear any boarding announcements, it would of been to be told we would be debording the plane by steps in the rain"
Pros: "Te time of te flight"
Cons: "Whites are given more attention than blacks yet we all pay for the flight"
Pros: "Clean plane, on-time departure"
Cons: "On this flight the meal trays stayed on the tables for over an hour (after the meal was served), should have been collected faster"
Pros: "KQ usually has great service. Sometimes this flight is delayed, but this time it was on time, not full, and the plane was very tidy."
Cons: "Entertainment system plays very old films Stop over 5 hours."
Pros: "We missed our flight from Nairobi to kigali by 2 min. They wouldn’t hold the plane for us. We have to wait in yheairport for 7 hours. Got nothing. Very dissapointed. Bad customer care."
Pros: "No complains means i LOVED everything. From start to finish."
Cons: "No complains on this flight."
Pros: "Once on the flight the flight crew were caring and accomodating."
Cons: "Kenya changed my flight to two hours later 18 hours before I was to leave. Making me have a 10 minute connection. Then after an hour in a airline office they promised to hold my connection. When my flight landed on time, they did not hold my connection. So they changed my flight and didn’t follow through on the fix. We would now miss wedding activities and business meetings. Then my partner got sick and they refused to taxi us to hotel for the night but take a bus that leaves every three hours. Her sickness got worse and there was a Kenyan airlines doctor who evaluated her at the airport after waiting 40 minutes laying at check in with her crying due to pain. We had a medical release from the doctor saying she needed extra space to lay down but the check in manager refused to make room for her saying the flight is full and she would not upgrade her to accommodate the medical release because we had an economy ticket. My partner looked so bad that the flight crew considered kicking us off but eventually made the space for her to lay down and were helpful on the flight. This is this disgraceful and the worst experience I’ve had with any company."
Pros: "Trip on the Dreamliner to/from Nairobi/Joburg went very smoothly. Entertainment was limited but worked and was fine for a 4 hour trip. Food was nothing great but nothing disastrous, booze was handed out willingly, staff were efficient, plane was on time - I rate it higher than SAA for the same leg and would choose KA again."
Cons: "Expensive at $800 but limited choice in Africa so what can you do?"
Pros: "The plane was pretty comfortable, they gave us blankets and pillows even though it was only a 4-hour flight."
Cons: "They served "breakfast" halfway through which was two tiny servings of meat and a piece of chocolate cake. Not much food and not really what I wanted to eat in the middle of the night! Boarding was completely chaotic, some screens said the flight was delayed, others said it was on time (it was delayed). When we arrived in Nairobi they hardly apologized for the delay, and also insisted on sending a bus to come pick us up from the plane because it was raining, which took forever. Missed my connection by about 5 minutes and had to wait almost 10 hours for the next one."
Pros: "The crew"
Cons: "None"
Pros: "Not much"
Cons: "35 minute departure delay with not even an attempt at an explanation. Broken seat. Cramped."
Cons: "Timing schedule not respected. No legroom my knees were so squeezed."
Cons: "The airlines changed the flight date last minute. They told us they'll take us to a hotel but by the time we reached the hotel after a long wait for visa we only had 3 hours left to go back to the airport. I missed my connection flight from Bangkok and I had to spend a hotel in Bangkok which I ended up paying extra for my hotel in Bangkok and connection flight from Bangkok. The airlines was not willing to do anything about my other flight I missed and me spending overnight in Bangkok."
Pros: "Boarding was early"
Cons: "Plane full and didnt have enough room for a number of hand luggage, mine invcluded"
Pros: "They no take care of my bag"
Pros: "Everything fine! Especially appreciated that flights were on time, even early."
Pros: "I got moved to a different airline and was not notified so when I got there over 2 hours early for KENYA FLIGHT I was hustled and bustled and BUSSED TO A DIFERENT TERMINAL at Dubai airport, then chastise, harangued and insulted by new airline staff for being "Late" and they couldn't guarantee I would make the flight. I it on board and someone else was in my seat. HE. Got bumped to first class..."
Cons: "See above...the whole experince"
Pros: "Food. The pilot spent some time flying over the Victoria falls"
Cons: "Dirty bathroom"
Pros: "Wheel chair passengers given priority."
Cons: "Economy Class Boarding should be done by Seat numbers or Aisle numbers. Fuselage Aisle numbers should be called first so they enter and get seated. Than other Aisle numbers should be called to be seated until the front up to Business Class is filled. It gets congested in the Aisle and frustration as passengers bump into seats and each other."
Pros: "flights were slightly delayed but we were updated often and accurately. Flight staff were awesome, super nice and well spoken!"
Cons: "Flight was cancelled after waiting from midnight until 6:00 am in the Airport. Could have gone to a hotel... lost 2 days"
Cons: "Not much space between rows,everybody reclined their seat, you could barley move"
Pros: "Crew and food"
Cons: "Hour late even though we had a late arrival of 1:35 am. Made us miss our airport transfer so it took over 2.5 hours to get to hotel"
Cons: "no headphones available in economy class!!!"
Pros: "very efficient processes and very friendly/capable flight crew."
Cons: "the food was not great (i don't have high expectations for airplane food)"
Pros: "Have entertainment for a flight more than one hour."
Cons: "Flight take off delay"
Pros: "The plane was very clean. The flight attendants were outstanding. There was plenty of entertainment to keep me occupied."
Cons: "I was stuck in the middle of the middle section, so it was very difficult to get up and walk around."
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Safety measures for airlines flying to Mauritius

Airlines flying to Mauritius have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Mauritius

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Mauritius

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Mauritius

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Mauritius

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights to Mauritius

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17h 40mJNB-MRU
1 stopKenya Airways
12h 35mMRU-JNB
R6 769
1 stopKenya Airways
22h 40mJNB-MRU
1 stopKenya Airways
17h 45mMRU-JNB
R6 800
4h 15mJNB-MRU
4h 30mMRU-JNB
R6 816
1 stopKenya Airways
23h 55mJNB-MRU
1 stopKenya Airways
12h 15mMRU-JNB
R6 832
4h 15mJNB-MRU
4h 30mMRU-JNB
R6 848
1 stopKenya Airways
9h 35mJNB-MRU
1 stopKenya Airways
12h 35mMRU-JNB
R6 864
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
17h 05mCPT-MRU
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 20mMRU-CPT
R7 087
1 stopMultiple Airlines
17h 10mJNB-MRU
directMultiple Airlines
4h 30mMRU-JNB
R7 151
directMultiple Airlines
4h 15mJNB-MRU
1 stopMultiple Airlines
12h 15mMRU-JNB
R7 183
1 stopMultiple Airlines
11h 50mCPT-MRU
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 20mMRU-CPT
R7 183
1 stopSouth African
8h 50mDUR-MRU
1 stopSouth African
17h 40mMRU-DUR
R10 607
1 stopAir Mauritius
17h 55mJNB-RRG
1 stopAir Mauritius
22h 00mRRG-JNB
R10 623
1 stopBritish Airways
29h 10mDUR-MRU
1 stopBritish Airways
8h 00mMRU-DUR
R10 782

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Recent one-way flight deals

4h 15mJNB-MRU
R3 344
1 stopAir Austral
6h 05mJNB-MRU
R3 376
1 stopAir Austral
5h 35mJNB-MRU
R3 392
1 stopKenya Airways
26h 15mCPT-MRU
R3 408
1 stopAir Austral
6h 05mJNB-MRU
R3 424
1 stopAir Austral
6h 05mJNB-MRU
R3 440
1 stopKenya Airways
26h 15mCPT-MRU
R3 456
1 stopAir Austral
5h 35mJNB-MRU
R3 456
1 stopKenya Airways
17h 20mCPT-MRU
R3 472
1 stopKenya Airways
22h 50mJNB-MRU
R3 472
1 stopKenya Airways
17h 40mJNB-MRU
R3 504
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
15h 10mCPT-MRU
R3 711
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
23h 40mCPT-MRU
R3 790
2 stopsMultiple Airlines
24h 40mCPT-MRU
R3 806
4h 15mJNB-MRU
R3 822
directBritish Airways
4h 10mJNB-MRU
R4 061
directBritish Airways
4h 10mJNB-MRU
R4 125
directBritish Airways
4h 10mJNB-MRU
R4 173
directSouth African
4h 00mJNB-MRU
R4 284
directSouth African
4h 00mJNB-MRU
R4 316

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