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  • There is no major airport in Chico. It is instead served by Sacramento Intl Airport.
  • Looking for cheap airfare to Chico? 25% of our users found tickets to Chico for the following prices or less: From Johannesburg OR Tambo R54 848 one-way - R54 848 round-trip
  • High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Chico is November.
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Airline reviews

Pros: "Yes"
Cons: "The Cabin seating"

Cons: "Touch screens were not working well. Required multiple hard taps which disturbed the passenger in front."

Cons: "We had 30 minutes delay"

Pros: "Everything was fine except for the comfort."
Cons: "The rows were so close together it was hard to get in and out of your row. If the seat in front of you reclined, the t.v. was 9 inches in front of your face."

Pros: "The crew, both in SFO and on board where e excellent. We were well taken care of, in both area's. The service on the plane were top notch, anticipating our every need. The food was yummy and the entertainment great!"

Cons: "No volume on entertainment system for our row. But the crew were excellent - very professional, courteous and apologetic."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The plane was expected to land at FRa an hour early Andy they couldn’t wait five minutes for us after a three hour delayed flight. Every other flight was delayed on average 30minutes. When we arrived whoever was running the jet bridge took 15 minutes to get it out to our jet, essentially causing us to miss our flight right then. And then the staff had the audacity to tell us we had to hike back ten minutes to wait in an hour long line to rebook. When they could have done it at their gate just as easily. Simply awful service For paying first/business class"

Pros: "Non of the usual manic stumbling from one inefficient process to the next a la Ryanair, Easyjet or Jet2"
Cons: "Nothing"

Cons: "Air was stuffy."

Pros: "Getting a text alert so I didn't waste my time going to the airport"
Cons: "The fact that Sunday morning my flight was cancelled Saturday night with no apparent reason or explanation given."

Pros: "Fast boarding."
Cons: "The usual flight discomfort, but the seat in front of me was broke. The person in it struggled to stay out of my lap, which I appreciated. The connecting flight had a non-functional screen and the reading light broke and flew across the cabin."

Cons: "LH had to switch planes at MUC due to mechanical problems on the 1st plane => flight left 3hrs late, causing me to miss connecting flight at IAD => had to switch airport to DCA and use DL to get to BNA via ATL on the next day. had to wait in line for several hrs to get rebooked - overall dismal performance by LH, my image of them is shattered"

Pros: "Boarding and timeliness"
Cons: "Entertainment system on 2 out of 4 flights didn't work well. Only 1 of the earphones worked on my seat, practically useless. Crew was grumpy the whole time, and food was average at best."

Pros: "There was plenty of room, great staff, no worries whatsoever."
Cons: "The food on Lufthansa has definitely slipped since the last time I flew them a couple of years ago. The main courses are just plain bad. Everything else is good"

Pros: "Outstanding cabin crew."
Cons: "Mediocre food with totally inadequate available snacks between meal services. Inadequate meal before landing."

Pros: "All good - flight, service all great!!!"

Pros: "It was a good flight. Crew, boarding, food were good."
Cons: "Very narrow seats."

Pros: "Great service and food!"
Cons: "I didn't like sitting in the middle cause it was hard to sleep and go to bathroom"

Pros: "Poor customer service dealing with bag delayed for 5 days, almost all of my holiday was over by the time the bag came and I was promised my bag would arrive on day 2, 3 and 4. Didn't arrive til 5th day"
Cons: "Late baggage, incompetent staff who each told me a different lie about when the bag would arrive"

Pros: "I flew in an A380 from LAX to FRA and that is a huge airplane but very nice. The flight from FRA to TLV was full and that airplane had no USB charge ports and no seat back video. I refuse to fly El Al because they don't have video and charge ports. Now I need to avoid flying with Lufthansa."
Cons: "No USB charge ports and no seat back video. They only have movies from Sony."

Pros: "Great service. Polite, multilingual staff. Food is quite good. Super ckean orderly plane."

Pros: "The flight left almost on time. I was surprised that a meal was served on a two hour flight"
Cons: "It took a long time to get off the plane."

Pros: "Selection of meals (veg / non veg), nice and polite crew, selection of entertainment options, availability of drinks and snacks on the plane in between meal service. Seats are decent in size and comfortable in the economy class, the aircraft feels like new, clean and fresh."
Cons: "The movie selection button on the screen is a bit hard to use and slow scrolling thru the titles. Nonetheless, enjoyed watching movies. Good variety of movie genres."

Pros: "Changed planes, flight didn't get cancelled"
Cons: "2 hour delay"

Pros: "Our stewardess from Toronto to Germany was the best that I have ever had."
Cons: "Great trip."

Cons: "I didn't got the seats i asked for in the check in."

Pros: "Plain in excellent condition and very clean. Friendly staff and welcome."
Cons: "Should have mobile phone chargers on board."

Pros: "Crew was good"
Cons: "Seating arrangement and lack of comfort :( Was impossible to get a seat assignment. Will not fly Lufthansa again."

Pros: "The seats on the leg of this flight were much more comfortable and there was normal space for feet."
Cons: "The boarding here was completely unorganized. After people had just been in a crowd, they attempted to have people love up, which was futile. Some of the seats were dirty and/or unkempt. The snack option wasn't to my liking and may have been the cause of a stomachache later."

Cons: "Improve the food quality"

Cons: "Food was salty, couldn't eat it. No replacement available Luggage disembarkment took forever"

Pros: "Everything about it ,didn't know i could get quality for less."
Cons: "Nothing really."

Pros: "Very nice crew"
Cons: "Boarding was a mess. No groups. Entertainment - app doesn't work on PC. Had to watch movie on cellular Passengers. - noisy eithout crew interference & sitting on wrong seats without any interference"

Pros: "keep going"

Pros: "Quick, efficient"
Cons: "Sandwiches not palatable."

Pros: "Most of all."

Cons: "Patronizing crew."

Pros: "Every things"

Pros: "Everything was excellent except breakfast from joke to Fra"
Cons: "Breakfast one choice including ham which unrespect to Muslims"

Pros: "very clean, food was excellent, on board entertainment was excellent too. staff very friendly."

Pros: "Lufhansa did a great job. During flights, everything was good."
Cons: "Security check in Frankfurt was terrible, violating all human rights in every possible way! Please don't tell me that it is for passengers safety; such a humiliation cannot be justified by any reason! Since Lufthansa uses this airport for the most of their flights, I would not fly with this company anymore"

Pros: "Overall okay. Glad to have made it on time."
Cons: "I was standing at the gate to enter the security check in forever."

Pros: "Smooth and on-time."

Pros: "The flight on time and comfort"
Cons: "Nothing"

Pros: "The entertainment system is excellent! Lots of leg room."
Cons: "Too many crying babies on board; it felt like a nursery at times. They should make people with babies sit far away in the back, not the middle of the cabin. The food was mediocre; I don't know if they were catering to American tastes, but it was uncharacteristic of Lufthansa to serve bland pasta with cheese (vegetarian). Where's the weisswurst?"

Pros: "Inloved the courteous and friendly staff. The cabin was clean and maintained this way throughout. The pilot's announcements were clear, sufficent in length and calm assurance, and the cabin crew really attentive, courteous, and friendly in demeanour. One gets the sense of total attention to detail and letting things happen subtly. No overfussing or cloying attention. Excellent, please keep this up."
Cons: "Nothing really."

Pros: "Very comfortable flight on a new 747, with charging for laptops and phones. Excellent food. Excellent pilot."
Cons: "I wish the entertainment system had news, even if realtime news isn't possible. I didn't like the €17 internet (or €4/hour), it's a bit gougey."

Pros: "Flight was great On time Crew was pleasent"

Pros: "Faster checking in and boarding to the aircraft."
Cons: "Uncomfartable seats... poor lounge."

Pros: "nothing"

Pros: "Being a nonstop flight."

Pros: "Punctuality"
Cons: "Luggage delay"

Pros: "We arrive a half hour early."

Pros: "Greed and sensitive environment....Airlines should ask for height/weight to better assign seating. Airlines could charge two large adults extra space fee and thus split the cost of the middle seat so that way they have more room and share the cost of breathing room and a consumer is not wedged between them."
Cons: "Greed and sensitive environment....Airlines should ask for height/weight to better assign seating. Airlines could charge two large adults extra space fee and thus split the cost of the middle seat so that way they have more room and share the cost of breathing room and a consumer is not wedged between them."

Pros: "Friendly flight attendant"
Cons: "Long walk to gate"

Pros: "Drinks"
Cons: "Absence of entertainment"

Pros: "Great crew, boarding process, drink service"
Cons: "No entertainment or food served on flight for free"

Cons: "Flights from SMF to ORD to IND included on board flight entertainment at no cost. Flight from IND to ORD it was included. However from ORD back to SMF there was a fee. For the amount of money paid for the flight and for someone on a tight budget, this was extremely disappointing."

Cons: "Customer service was terrible. I was told I was not their customer and they wouldn't help me. When the agents sent me away for the 2nd time, after promising to hold the door, I returned and the agent closed it in my face."

Pros: "See above"
Cons: "See above"

Cons: ""Dish Network TV" $7 for every 2 hours, if you don't pay they just repeat the add in front of you for the entire flight. So greedy. This is why Delta is so much better. Tons of movies, newer, and FREE. United Airlines is terrible."

Pros: "Smaller plane enhanced comfort"
Cons: "Did not use entertainment app"

Pros: "Close gate our connection."
Cons: "More trouble and delay on take off."

Pros: "Same as above. I miss the old days of magazines as some of us cannot pay for the Wi-Fi"
Cons: "You have very good crew people. There was a male flight Ttendant Chicago to Sac whoncalmlynand deftly handled a grouchy passenger People get testy on long uncomfortable flights. He handled this guy very well."

Pros: "Leg room"
Cons: "Staff in main cabin was nasty"

Cons: "Understandable they could not help about weather, but was terrible about keeping us updated."

Pros: "Quick flight, beautiful day, interesting company sitting next to me very pleasant flight."
Cons: "The flight was overbooked and they were offering vouchers for later flights, wasn't a bad thing, though, I'd have done it."

Pros: "Nice staff"
Cons: "Little delay"

Pros: "No bad weather, no bad experiences, all good."
Cons: "Again, N/A"

Pros: "I got another window seat and the refreshments were good."
Cons: "I wasnt able to recline my seat and not much leg room."

Cons: "Flight cancelled with no eta for replacement."

Cons: "United Express (Skywest Airlines in the SFO area) is simply unreliable. This time the flight was 3 hours late. With United Express (Skywest), the only thing you can count on are cancellations and delays."

Cons: "They cancelled the flight and we took a small bus instead. It took over 2 hours after the flight was cancelled for us to be on a bus to make the 90 min drive to Sacramento. Horrible, I wish I would have paid for a bus ticket instead of paying for a flight."

Cons: "My family member and I were separated and both stuck with a middle seat--no option to pick your own seat; unable to precheck online."

Pros: "Nice and smooth. There was an issue with the plane but they transitioned us quickly and I was impressed that we were hardly delayed."
Cons: "None"

Pros: "Bigger plane more smooth ride the pizza was excellent"
Cons: "The running to the next plane in 15 min because of the delay the landing was hard"

Cons: "6 hour delay with no explanation or communication."

Pros: "The seats on the E175 were more comfortable than those on other RJs."

Pros: "Seating was very nice in Delta select, lots of leg room!!!"
Cons: "There were 3 flight attendants on this flight and two of the three were great. One however was the rudest woman I've ever met. Her favorite word was "no" and she talked down to everyone, including her fellow flight attendants. I really wish I had gotten her name but when I asked her, her response was, "why?" I was so fed yo with her I just said forget it and avoided her. I understand people have bad days but I have a feeling this was more of a personality issue. She acted better than everyone else. It really only takes one person to ruin the whole flight"

Cons: "Our seats and boarding passes were given to two other people! How can someone else board a plane with our names on the boarding passes?!"

Pros: "the customer service rep was very professional and helped us out."
Cons: "my girlfriend and I were removed from the plane. she had received troubling news from her family that kept stacking on, not to mention we were tired from traveling all day thanks to delays making us miss our flights. and when we gestured for an attendant to come by, light dark skin, facial hair, glasses. he had customer service come by and we reiterated the question if we decided we would like to get off the plane would it be possible to receive a voucher for the flight. but we told him that we were just trying to consider options and we were good to go, and the customer service told us that the attendant did not feel comfortable with us on the plane, and that my girlfriend reached out and touched him and he did not feel safe. we never even raised our hands our eye brows. they caused us all kinds of hell, we couldn't get another flight till 2210, they embarrassed and humiliated my girlfriend because she was crying. unacceptable."

Pros: "The cookies and drunk selection"
Cons: "No entertainment not comfortable"

Cons: "cold cabin temp for first hour or so of the flight. Crew knocked on bathroom door while I was engaged - I responded loudly that I was in there but they proceeded to bang again and burst in Julie the attendant cited the danger of turbulence but frankly there was almost none at this time. Rude and inconsiderate. Not listening for a response! Entertainment via mobile device doe not work with windows phones."

Pros: "Flight was delayed an hour, so they didn't charge for TV."
Cons: "Flight "attendant" bumped into my shoulder every time she walked by. Splashed with liquids (ice/soda) multiple times by the flight "attendant" running the drink cart, then they skipped past me when it came my turn for a drink. Very cramped cabin."

Pros: "Flight from LA to Sacramento was one hour delayed! No heartfelt apology, almost like this happens all the time."

Cons: "We're treated like livestock!"

Pros: "being group 3, yet row 30. Not being cramped. being with an actual United flight crew (instead of a Sky West)."

Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "6 hour delay in SFO is apparently not unusual. Gate agent tells us that they will always bump that flight for other western regional airport since SMF doesn't have a curfew. United could care less and not transparent. And then they have the gull to tell us it was weather related. There was no bad weather anywhere in the western US that day! I tracked the plane backwards online and it never left Cali all day. United lies to shift blame away from their decision to screw all those on that flight. Advise: If you have this connection skip it, rent a car in SFO and drive to SMF. You will be to the good many hours."

Cons: "On April 15 we flew from Sacramento to Basel, via Los Angeles and Munich. We did exactly what we were told re reserving seats. We were told to call 23 hrs. in advance to reserve seats. When we tried to follow directions, we were not able to check in. Without checking in, we could not reserve seats. After numerous phone calls, to various numbers, we were not able to check in or reserve seats. By continuing to ask questions, to try and understand, we were told we were "under airport control". This was an "at random" situation and online check in was not available. Only 5 minutes earlier, we were still being instructed to check in online! We had never heard of this. I contacted a neighbor, who flies often internationally and within the U.S. He said it had happened to him once. He agreed that driving to the airport in Sacramento was a wise decision. This is not what we wanted to be doing 1 day before departure. At Sacramento we found a kind gentleman who saw our dilemma and checked us in as a favor. We saw assigned seats. He suggested we request to improve our seats the following travel day. It was a very challenging morning. As I tried to improve our seating the following day I was told, by airport staff, that this happened because we booked through Kayak? Rather with an attitude that we should have booked differently. This was a vacation we had looked forward to for years. I worked hard at not letting this difficult start damage my trip. Upon arrival in Amsterdam, I tried to learn more, to prevent a similar situation on the way home."

Pros: "As above"
Cons: "As above"

Pros: "It was good to be in Houston for a brief moment!!"

Pros: "I surprisingly had a great trip. United has always been my least favorite airline when I get to choose, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how well the trip went."

Cons: "There wasn't a built in audio/video system. You needed to stream movies on your tablet or phone over United wi-fi system. The system was overloaded. The movie would stop frequently while buffering. It was extremely irritating."

Pros: "Flight attendants didn't fret too much over passengers swapping seats to be close to traveling companions, though it did cause a delay in take-off, along with an equipment malfunction."
Cons: "On previous flights, attendants would strictly monitor the one personal item and one carry on rule. It didn't happen this time causing several people to have to check bags."

Cons: "Never made this flight, rerouted & 5 hrs late!"

Pros: "On time flight"
Cons: "Single beverage service on a 4 hr flight? You've got to be kidding. Luggage didn't make it. "WiFi" experience is a dud - too slow to do amy meaningful work"

Pros: "The crew did the best they could with a bad situation"
Cons: "At the first sign of trouble (engine mechanical failure, they had already started boarding, had to take everyone off) they should have immediately found a different plane to take us on. Everyone knows mechanical troubles usually don't get fixed. And when they did find another plane, it had the toilet garbage door not working so the flight was cancelled. I appreciated all the customer service representatives coming together to help us out. But I was sick, and had to work a 12 hour day on Tuesday. With the rescheduled flight (and the crew was amazing for that), and getting up early for that and my 12 hour work day, I was up 20 hrs straight and had gotten MAYBE 5 hours of sleep in 36 hours. All together, it was just poorly handled by United, especially since we were at the Hub"

Pros: "The flight left on time and arrived on time at the airport. The crew were nice and boarding worked seamlessly. It was nice that wifi was offered on the aircraft, just a shame it cost $14 for 4 hours"
Cons: "Security at O'Hare nearly made me late for my flight. I had to wait 1 1/2 hours in security, and then rush towards my plane. The seats were nice, but the not the best on their fleet. There was also no seat back entertainment. The only entertainment was if you had a smart device, you would download the United App and watch movies, shows and listen to songs through the app which is called Private Screening"

Cons: "Absolutely no compassion anymore in this industry, no discounts on really expensive fares for those suffering a loss and customer service has always been lacking. Thank you so much for not understanding how someone grieving could possibly get mixed up when booking a flight quickly when dealing with this kind of stress. They could have at least waived the 75 $ fee even though I made the mistake. I received nothing but a lecture from the customer service rep on how I shouldn't book travel when upset?!? Wow, thank you so much for giving unrealistic expectations instead of kindness to someone hurting. If more people showed concern and wellbeing for everyone you would only profit more. But show nothing and guess what, you get nothing too. I will never ride United airline again after listing to the cold words of your customer service rep."

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COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying to Chico

Airlines flying to Chico have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights to Chico

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights to Chico

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights to Chico

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights to Chico

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