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Pros: "great service"
Cons: "would have loved pj's"

Seating has more space.Connecting flight good. Food is good. They have to stop serving the cold dish which more than 90% of the passengers didn't eat.

Pros: "Nothing 4 times flights cancels and layover increased from 1 hr to 8hrs and 35 mints i am not buying any more tickets from kayak budget air staff is to rude"
Pros: "Everything is perfect."
Cons: "Nothing to complain, simply perfect."
Pros: "The spirit despite the COVID19 scare. Serving on an India bound flight from the Gulf is never easy"
Cons: "We need to promote paper free boarding passes for whoever can afford. Atleast an endeavor."
Cons: "Attitude of some of the cabin crew very bad. Service was poor and with short comings. With Emirates either the service is very good or very bad. They need to get rid of the dead wood!"
Pros: "Fast boarding, on time, movies."
Cons: "Softer seats. Better food. Seat parents with their screaming babies and children in the back of the plabe!!!"
Pros: "The crew were awesome"
Cons: "The film choice was poor"
Cons: "The crew wasn’t that friendly! Neither when boarding as in the plane"
Pros: "They were very supportive. Thanks."
Pros: "Seat was fine for size of plane and comfortable for a night flight. Food was flavoursome and nice."
Cons: "Had a problem with the two socket headphone Jack as it was not seating correctly so only got sound out of one ear mostly"
Pros: "Overall flight quality"
Cons: "Free wifi time can be increased to at least an hour and Food quality can be better"
Cons: "Not getting delayed for 2 hours and then missing flight and waiting 5 more hours to rebook. Disaster."
Pros: "The crew was really nice."
Cons: "The delay was very poorly handled. We had to go through security multiple times because delays would happen just before boarding and they’d change gates. Plus, meal vouchers were useless for us as Dubai airport is quite unfriendly to vegetarians. Never flying Emirates again."
Pros: "Excellent service"
Cons: "During checkin process they weighed my laptop bag along with my hand baggage a small suitcase. Laptop is considered as personal item. The combined weight exceeded 7 kg and hence I had pay for excess baggage even though my checked in Baggage were close correct 23 kg limit. This was an issue with most"
Pros: "Everything was great"
Cons: "Emirates service has fallen over the last several years"
Cons: "Child kicking seat from behind for entire flight"
Pros: "I had really high expectations for this trip but they were unmet. The service was indifferent. The chair wasnuncomfortable. The aisle was super narrow. I was bumped the entire flight. I didn’t like the food. And it was obvious by the end of the trip the staff was just done. Leaving the plane I passed several attendants and they did not say anything. They didn’t thank me for my business. They did t say goodbye or encourage me to come again — they were oblivious and no caring."
Pros: "Smooth flight; Staff helpful and professional Got to tour Dubai with.Arabian Adventures who partner with Emirates."
Cons: "Flight too long..."
Pros: "I love rraveling eith with Emirates. The seats are comfortable. They have good entertainment system eith a variety of choices. The attendants are polite and respectful and they do an amazing job. The food is good as well."
Pros: "The crew was both friendly and attentive. I was satisfied with their interest."
Cons: "I found the boarding experience in Dubai to be quite tedious. We were shuffled around here and there and getting on the plane itself was tough."
Pros: "Great quality food for a flight."
Cons: "WiFi did not work, ever. Staff could have been a bit nicer."
Pros: "Everything."
Cons: "Nothing."
Pros: "Everything was very good."
Cons: "Food did not meet the usually high standard associated with Emirates . The menu was bland and the main course was served cold."
Cons: "Didn't leave the UK, volcano"
Pros: "Arriving at Perth is always a hassle with delayed baggage unloading. Can Emirates engage their own staff to expedite this activity. The Perth baggage handlers are too slow, particularly when on penalty rates on Sundays."
Pros: "I never felt like my trip dragged on. I was dreading the flight and found it to be comfortable and easy."
Cons: "It was a full flight and didn't feel crammed!"
Pros: "Service and crew were excellent!"
Cons: "Movie selection somewhat limited"
Pros: "Crew, food, entertainment"
Cons: "1 hr delay with take-off due to security check of all carry-on baggage from a passenger leaving the plane"
Pros: "Services and attention to detail"
Cons: "N/a"
Pros: "Good movie choices"
Cons: "Boarding delayed, no information given to passengers Rush and push Not enough seating at airport Food was okay, so so Crew was okay, no compliments nor complaints"
Cons: "Service was not as good."
Pros: "Everything was wonderful the crew was outstandingly friendly! I would definitely fly again"
Cons: "The flight was delayed"
Pros: "Food was decent"
Cons: "The movies are censored... there is no point in offering R rated films if you can't watch them as the director intended."
Pros: "The crew member was excellent,she went all out to make my journey easy and comfortable.I have sent an email to her superior,please use her as an example.if all attendants can serve and see to passengers like her will be beneficial for emirates"
Pros: "It was a great experience...nicest airline I've ever flown. The cabin crew was attentive and accommodating and being a vegetarian I found they had many options for my dietary requirements."
Pros: "Excellent highly diverse crew. Good food. Very comfortable. Fantastic entertainment selection."
Cons: "Expensive. Great to have wifi for nominal fee but problems getting and maintaining connection."
Pros: "Good entertainment"
Cons: "Seat was broken, the crew was unresponsive to calls, food was expired/bad. Seating was terribly uncomfortable because it was broken. I couldn't recline and the crew didn't really help. I love Emirates and I always fly Emirates. So this was an exception and very disappointing."
Cons: "Flight was delayed, 1 of my baggage was missed and due to that connecting flight from Boston to Newark was missed. There were no more flights to Newark so I was put up in flight to JFK after 3 hours of wait."
Pros: "Very organized boarding"
Pros: "Everything is wonderful"
Cons: "Tight Economy Class seats"
Pros: "I liked the customer service, entertainment, flight Attendants, food and everything that Emirates has to offer! I felt like I was in first class while in coach!!!"
Cons: "The duration of the flight was extremely long and that made me uncomfortable and it was hard to sleep."
Pros: "No lunch coupons or future flight discounts given"
Cons: "Unapologetic about causing so many subsequent delays"
Pros: "Everything was great. They have it together."
Pros: "Kind flight attendants, perfume available in the restrooms, great variety of choices of entertainment (including listening to Quranic recitation if one feels so moved), interesting playlist of songs as you await takeoff ("Fly Me to the Moon, Rocket Man, Starman, etc.)"
Cons: "I thought I'd get an overnight stay due to the distance of my flight and the length of my layover (10 hours) but I found out too late that I didn't. The airport is not conducive to comfortable sleeping! I did appreciate the meal voucher though; make sure you ask for it at the Emirates Connecting Flights desk if you have a connecting flight with Emirates Airlines."
Pros: "Pretty clean"
Cons: "The food wasn't really good. They didn't have plain hot water as my daughter was sick with throat pain. Same old and boring"
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth

Airlines flying from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from London Stansted Airport to Port Elizabeth

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