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SZX — South Africa
Jun 17 — Jun 241
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Fri 17/6
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Air ChinaOverall score based on 5755 reviews
Airline reviews
Cons: "Air China Service was horrible. I missed my flight due to an accident and when I got to the airport they were rude, and did not try to give me a solution. I had no money and I did not speak the language and the only solution they gave me was to call costumer service with the coins I have left. I will never fly with Air China again and I hope the rest of the people do the same. Horrible horrible experience."
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Cons: "Air China Service was horrible. I missed my flight due to an accident and when I got to the airport they were rude, and did not try to give me a solution. I had no money and I did not speak the language and the only solution they gave me was to call costumer service with the coins I have left. I will never fly with Air China again and I hope the rest of the people do the same. Horrible horrible experience."
Cons: "got crushed here at airport. There was a lot of people here at 5am. No one was at the ticket counter and all check-ins were automated. So no staff available at ticket counter. The auto system didn’t recognize my passport with the ticket. Then I had to go to duty manager who was not helpful."
Pros: "I booked this time China air for my parents and because of delayed flight we had very bad experience. Japanese boarding ticking staff were cooperative but seems they don’t have power"
Cons: "They said they understand situation but they were afraid to solve but there were staff name Ms. Umeda Ms. Yasukawa and Ms. Ai were very nice trying to handling the situation but as we were very cooperative and understanding that not their fault. My parents are old my mother can’t walk probably and Blood pleasure patient. I ask for room in Beijing because of 18 hours delayed stay. But they failed for get Hotel. But Japanese staff were nice also crew. I would love to give 5/5 rating but honestly was bad experience only because of delayed flight and couldn’t get recovery."
Cons: "I experienced a long delay and got stuck sitting in plane got another 2 hours after boarding before we could take off"
Pros: "Seat was super comfortable and crew is great"
Pros: "The Air China crew was exceptional. They made sure wheelchair service was available all of the time without a hitch. They were very compassionate"
Cons: "The coach seating is very tight. I wish there was more leg room."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "The cabin crew"
Cons: "Air China, please clean your planes, please have good options for food, please have some reasonable (not so long) transit times"
Pros: "OK"
Cons: "Non veg meal should have a choice of Chicken, Fish,Egg or other Meats, while ordering online"
Pros: "bad middle seat - no advance seat selection available even 4 days in advance from kayak app and just fly website said link is broken. airchina website cannot find ticket. empty exit row seats not allocated upon request - airlines wanted $100 more for it. allocated randomly to others mid flight."
Cons: "advance seat allocation at the time of booking."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "Narrow seats"
Cons: "I booked for my wife and son. The Air China lady didn't want to let them board. She said at check-in the passport number on the reservation wouldn't match my wife's passport although in Houston they could bring up her ticket perfectly fine with the same passport. Took 45 minutes and the help of a more customer service oriented co-worker to get it resolved. Poor and stressful experience."
Cons: "The plane was so late that we missed our international flight and are now stranded"
Pros: "Very fast getting luggage to us after the flight!"
Pros: "Plane was clean. Had electrical outlet between seats on one of my international flights (not the return flight). Left and arrived on time."
Cons: "Seats felt close together. Crew doesn't really return smiles. Food wasn't great. English movies that weren't "B" level were few on my first flight, better on my return flight. Not much refreshment in the 7 or so hours between meals. Did not have electrical outlets between seats on one of my international flights. English translations of announcements were difficult to understand."
Cons: "It was not a pleasant stay in Beijing airport... The staff were very rude and not helpful.. I had to fight for the wi-fi code and I had to fill out a form, for a pass to get out if the airport... I waited over 90 mins in line, only to be told I was I the wrong line, in the first place ??? !!"
Cons: "No updates on reason for 2hr delay of flight."
Cons: "Bad food choice"
Pros: "My trip started off with airplane problems from the beginning. From my flight being delayed multiple times by air china to the overly packed united to the confusion of the non updated confirmation numbers or the e-ticket number. Even on the day I left upon arriving to the airport my confirmation number they had just given me after all the prior problems still didn't work. Air china had mediocre food with okay entertainment except my headset jack on the TV was broke and I couldn't watch anything. On the last air china flight from Bejing to Bangkok. I couldn't even charge my phone, watch any entertainment and basically was just stuck with no WiFi. Justfly wouldn't compensate for the changes on their end and said I myself would have to ask the airlines for compensation which the.the airlines directed me no where for compensation or even to upgrade my seat. Now I'm finally in Thailand but I'm scared of my return."
Pros: "It has enough space to make myself comfortable, and staff are very kind and patient. And one meal was provided even though it was only 2 hr flight."
Cons: "- Surly staff, terrible food, terrible cellphone policies (to be fair, this is a china-wide issue), crowded seats, old planes. I HATE AIR CHINA and will try to avoid flying them as much as possible"
Pros: "Nothing."
Cons: "The flight was canceled but United and delta were still flying to New York. Air China was not working with them to help us. The earliest next flight was five days later...... their staff were extremely unprofessional. I asked to update to business class. One staff told me it was 1300usd, another one told me it was 3600usd, and one told me it was 10,000 usd???"
Pros: "Crew was friendly helpful"
Cons: "I ordered muslim food but they said they don’t have"
Cons: ""
Cons: "Not a single snack in the plane!"
Cons: "There were no entertainments and was not allowed to use any devices."
Pros: "Most of the staff was very helpful and accommodating. On the first leg of the flight one of the attendants even suggested a wine with dinner, a very kind gesture."
Cons: "When my husband and I went to check in for our flight at the desk we had to wait very long time to get checked in. We noticed that one of the girls was in training, which is understandable but just inconvenient. We are both very patient people but this just made us nervous because our first flight on Air China to Japan on 10/26/17 was very delayed and caused us to have to literally run and still go through a rigorous security check. We were not rushed through the line even though we had nothing to do with our flight being delayed on our second leg. We then had to wait in another long line for security even after arriving into China on our flight back. There was also someone on board before take off with a medical problem and we could tell that some of the patrons started getting a bit aggressive or irritable. I don’t think the crew could’ve done much in that regard but wish the issue had been resolved a little quicker. I believe it was a 40 minute delay in take off."
Pros: "Friendly staff on flight. Low cost business class ticket."
Cons: "Lost luggage needed for meetings, takes three days to recover. Coffee is gross, 3in1 powder. Only one water bottle on flight so I got dehydrated. Food is gross."
Pros: "Fare prices were inexpensive."
Cons: "1 out of the 2 meals did not taste like much. Meat was extremely chewy. 2 hour layover was not enough time to do customs and re-check-in through security to catch the domestic flight. Beijing airport employees barely knew where to direct you for reacquiring a new flight."
Cons: "I checked in online on Air China's website, and then when I arrived at the airport in New York and waited an hour in the security line, TSA did not let me through because the boarding pass I downloaded from their website onto my phone did not scan on their machine, so they wanted a paper boarding pass. When I went to the Air China employees at the airport, they were all already gone so I couldn't get a paper boarding pass. Because of this I missed my flight. On the way back home, in the airport in Manila, I was checking in and the Air China employee told me that because I missed my flight in New York, I am not allowed on the return flight. This is outrageous!!! I had to get 2 new tickets with a different airline and it cost me $1200 extra!!!"
Pros: "Smiles of flight attendants and services"
Cons: "Flight delayed, limits of food choices"
Cons: "The flight delayed almost five hours.during the time, no broadcast no food no drink. Air china is so bad."
Pros: "The flight and service itself was good and the flight attendents were very kind and orderly for having to care for so many people"
Cons: "The touch screen didnt work on my chair and when i reached my final destination the airline said they have lost my luggage and are trying to find it. That was three days ago"
Pros: "Good service overall"
Cons: "Some delays in flights, and poor communication. Nothing too bad, but sometimes we were left wondering what happened, or when we could expect the flight to depart. If I had close connection times, I would have lost two flights"
Pros: "Nice stewardesses"
Cons: "Can't use cellphone in airplane mode! Should have been warning about this. 2 hour delay with no explanation"
Pros: "Clean plane delay"
Pros: "I like Eva air better. This was ok, but Eva keeps the bathroom in tip top shape. Air China doesn't seem to keep cleaning the restroom throughout the flight. They seem to run late too which is fine because customs in beijing is slow. Plenty of food, no complaints there."
Cons: "I had a coonecting flight to Panama City -- the flight was delayed 1 hour and 30 minutes out of Beijing. I missed the connection flight. It was my son's graduation and no one did anything to help until AFTER I missed the flight."
Pros: "polite, quick check-in, nice on-board service"
Pros: "one flight the attendant thanked me for being gold The agents at red house for gold members in Shenzhen were amazingly helpful in getting me a flight in time to connect when mine was badly delayed, really helpful"
Pros: "Everything worked, boarded quickly and crew served passengers efficiency. Luggage was already on the conveyor belt when I arrived."
Pros: "Gave me a free upgrade while I was flying alone."
Pros: "Good staff."
Cons: "Seats are tight if two large people are sitting next to each other. HAd to wait a long time to check in. Function of airport though."
Pros: "Most of crew members are very nice and kind."
Cons: "The entertainment system didn't work"
Pros: "Hard to find anything that was worth mentioning as outstanding - boarding happened without any hickup and food was average/good."
Cons: "TV screen did not work - 15 hour plus flight, it is a big no-no! Crew not very helpful - language barrier very huge and almost impossible to understand "English" used by crew and on intercom. example: Ladies and gentlemen - sounds like "fishermen" We are taxying towards the runway - came out as ... "we are taxying the wong way" - thankfully we ended on the right runway."
Pros: "All aspects of the experience were way above expectation"
Cons: "Not using Air China before"
Pros: "Good service."
Cons: "Got off the ground late, which made it a bit tricky to get an international connection."
Pros: "Great Service Great Flight."
Pros: "At least they told us before I left for the airport"
Cons: "Had to take the train."
COVID-19 information

Safety measures for airlines flying from Shenzhen to South Africa

Airlines flying from Shenzhen have enacted additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travellers. Policies vary by airline.

Heightened sanitation

Daily cleaning, installation of cabin HEPA filters on flights from Shenzhen

Mandatory masks

Masks required on board, masks provided on flights from Shenzhen

Social distancing seating

Middle seats unavailable to book on flights from Shenzhen

Pre-flight testing

Testing for antibodies, testing for symptoms for flights from Shenzhen

Flexible cancellations

Waiving of change fees. Search flexible flights from Shenzhen

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