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SHA — South Africa
Nov 25 — Dec 21
1 adult
0 bags
Fri 25/11
Fri 2/12

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  • High season is considered to be January, February and December. The cheapest month to fly from Shanghai is January.
  • Morning departure is around 46% cheaper than an evening flight, on average*.
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Air ChinaOverall score based on 5757 reviews
Airline reviews

Flight was delayed for 2 hours for no reason, then we spent almost an hour after boarding because of the weather conditions. If we left on time we could avoid that 😾

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Flight was delayed for 2 hours for no reason, then we spent almost an hour after boarding because of the weather conditions. If we left on time we could avoid that 😾

Pros: "I booked this time China air for my parents and because of delayed flight we had very bad experience. Japanese boarding ticking staff were cooperative but seems they don’t have power"
Cons: "They said they understand situation but they were afraid to solve but there were staff name Ms. Umeda Ms. Yasukawa and Ms. Ai were very nice trying to handling the situation but as we were very cooperative and understanding that not their fault. My parents are old my mother can’t walk probably and Blood pleasure patient. I ask for room in Beijing because of 18 hours delayed stay. But they failed for get Hotel. But Japanese staff were nice also crew. I would love to give 5/5 rating but honestly was bad experience only because of delayed flight and couldn’t get recovery."
Pros: "Food"
Cons: "Flight was 4 hours delayed with no explanation or access to WiFi given."
Pros: "Cheap ticket price"
Cons: "Flight landed more than an hour late in India. Other than that nothing really need to be said for improvement at the moment."
Pros: "Nothing"
Cons: "They should improve connections"
Pros: "The crew was great."
Cons: "The seats could gave been more comfortable."
Pros: "Ms. Liu/Chang is one of lovely cabin crew,bring me awesome smile and unforgettable nice experience"
Cons: "The same thing as above"
Pros: "Flight was smooth and food is average on the plane."
Cons: "Arrival in Beijing so late and missing the flight to go to Manila then we have to stay overnight there. Staffs at the airport very rude and does'nt communicate or explain what's going on. Brought to a dirty hotel without eating at 1am and have to take shuttle bus at 4am back to airport for 8.05 flight. Unable to inform my family about the delay because cannot sign on wifi. Very tired, exhausted and disappointed."
Cons: "It was not a pleasant stay in Beijing airport... The staff were very rude and not helpful.. I had to fight for the wi-fi code and I had to fill out a form, for a pass to get out if the airport... I waited over 90 mins in line, only to be told I was I the wrong line, in the first place ??? !!"
Pros: "The premium economy was a bit better, but still on a service level was very poor hospitality."
Cons: "The online service was not user friendly and slow. Our upgrade was said at departure it would be for the full flight and was Not. The staff would not speak English and refused to serve any drinks or snacks as I thought it would be normal. Our luggage was lost and did not arrive at our final destination til 2 days later. On the flight home we were told to wait till our transfer to upgrade and that was denied and said we needed to do it prior. I am beyond disappointed and will never fly with Air China again and the only recourse that was given was from the nice people in Japan that explained this happens all the time and provided a voucher for less than 100 US dollars. I will advise anyone in the future not to fly this airline and I would like this to be investigated."
Pros: "Perfect service. New equipment. On time. Business class feels like First Class. Attendants are punctilious and extraordinarily well trained. Seem to enjoy their work. Almost zero slip ups."
Cons: "No English language international or domestic papers. Nothing from Europe in any language. No Western media news or analysis. Film selections in English are limited, dated and bad."
Cons: "I had to stay at Beijing for overnight and took a flight the next day."
Pros: "The aircraft crew was polite"
Cons: "The connecting flight left me. Had to stay in China for a day. Mumbai airport didn't communicate with airlines in China"
Pros: "The style of the pillows and blankets were nice. The pillows were really comfortable and a good size. The taste of the food was okay. I honestly expected a horrible experience, it was not fantastic but it was better than what I anticipated."
Cons: "The sealed blanket had white hair as if from an older person. Although I liked the pillow, on my return flight I used it to sleep, I used it for my back the entire time going, when I got home I noticed I was developing a sty on my eyelid. My companions noticed that the sometimes when he received his food it was still cold in some parts. On my return flight there were a few times my row was skipped for drinks. On my return flight the stewardess seemed hesitant when I asked for an additional drink. I ordered tea and asked for water. The gate agent in Beijing was extremely rude and unhelpful, she ignored us and even tossed our ticket back at us when we tried to ask about our seats for the flight."
Cons: "No tv on this flight. Kinda sucked but hey, first world problems. Overall it was just fine"
Cons: "No vegetarian option, crew spoke little to no English, board was a mess, delayed an hour on tarmac after boarding late, only 4 agents at JFK to check in several hundred people."
Pros: "Lowest price in the market"
Cons: "They lost my luggage! Poor customer service! NEVER AGAIN! Flight attendant were Rude and Lazy! Worst decision to booked AIR CHINA!!!!"
Pros: "Flight attendants are friendly and accommodating. Willing to meet all my reasonable needs. Meals are Ok."
Cons: "Seats are a little small considering my body size."
Cons: "There were no entertainments and was not allowed to use any devices."
Pros: "The crew were nice"
Cons: "The food was terrible. There were no amenedies for flying internationally like I am used to. And the movies available?! Usually international flights have all kinds of movies to watch. There were only a few that is even heard of."
Pros: "Absolutely no customer service whatsoever, not even a smile. Best thing about this flight was the food and trust me that’s not saying much."
Cons: "Food was terrible. Drinks are served room temperature without ice. Staff was rude. Tried multiple different televisions that barely worked. They will not let you have your phone on even on airplane mode for music or games, etc. Would not take again."
Pros: "Friendly staff on flight. Low cost business class ticket."
Cons: "Lost luggage needed for meetings, takes three days to recover. Coffee is gross, 3in1 powder. Only one water bottle on flight so I got dehydrated. Food is gross."
Pros: "Air China aircraft is very new and clean."
Cons: "My flight from JFK to Beijing the crew members are very loud. When they speak, they are loud. Also the have tried 3 times to get flight attendants for service. They just ignore. Their announcement in English is really bad. I can barely understand anything."
Pros: "Hostesses are well trained ans hospitable . Landing was very smooth"
Cons: "Taxing upon leaving Beijing took long time ! Delayed the departure !"
Pros: "Vegan meals"
Cons: "Long layover in China Consideration for others 11 hrs is way to much time in the airport"
Pros: "No hassle check in and boarding."
Cons: "Meals were average. Rice meals are better than the noodles. IFE selection for US passengers could be better. No cell allowed after take off."
Pros: "Fare was low."
Cons: "They delayed the flight almost two hours to wait for other people to make the connection. We had stickers put on our shoulders to indicate that we were in a short time window, but it seems that those were badges for us to be taken advantage of by hawkers with mobile carts to pick us up outside security, take us to our gate and then demand cash."
Pros: "Food"
Pros: "Excellent service.... clean aeroplane... good food and great staff..."
Cons: "They have no refund policy. I needed to change my flight date, but did not have a firm date in mind. Air China does not allow this. This is very unusual in my experience. And I fly a lot. Cheap bastards."
Pros: "I liked be provided with a blanket, pillow and entertainment system."
Pros: "Good efficient low cost airline but the food is very limited. Very respectful flight attendants."
Cons: "IMprove the quality of food in economy. Drink options limited."
Cons: "80 minutes delay without explanation."
Pros: "Movies during flight. Had a smooth flight to Beijing. Pilot is very good"
Cons: "Change of gate number. A very long walk to the new gate number. Taking a crowded bus to board the plane. Seats are extremely small. My seat won't recline. Had contant back pain during the 12hr flight."
Pros: "There is rudeness every step of the way on this airline. The gate was moved with no notice yet an email was sent, and with no service because I'm in another country and the airport didn't offer free wifi, we were clueless. Had we not looked just to doublecheck, we would've missed the plane. During the transfer the security might as well have frisked me in a room because they were THAT invasive and dumped all my stuff out of my case, smelling my things, throwing out whatever they saw fit without letting me know. this was jist a TRANSFER We let them know we only had half an hr.they didn't care. As a resuly we (along with 9 other passengers) missed the second flight. We went to Information and the lady waved us away and told us to go to security.We went to security and told her we missed the flight and her response was "so?" We went to the police we got generic direction that made us have to go back to them three times because they were so dry and rude; we had to become borderline irate to get any help. Once reaching the captain he greeted us with "What do you want?"At this point I was ready to blow. He finally sent us to the rifht person who was the warmest kindest person during this whole ordeal and helped us get a flight two hrs laters.. Next flight..You are cattle on this plane. Move, sit down, shut up. No ac for the first hr. Forget warm towel, you didn't even get a smile or greeting and i honestly don't care for such things but my flight coming with another airline was SO drastically different I guess I was caught off guard. This was a 12 hr flight, yet to get any service was like being annoyance. The stewardesses made faces if you ask for water. No one came around with coffee or tea or to offer water unless it was meal time. The food was sub par. The best part about it was that at least it was hot..but not all edible. They take your cups, leftover things you might be saving and toss without permission. I had an entire sandwich saved because hrs went by with nothing and they just grabbed it and threw it in the trash. When i brought it to her attn, she just kept moving. The bathrooms were unstocked and stunk. The whole experience sucked. Never EVER again."
Cons: "Please read above noted."
Cons: "Airline didn't make an effort to hold the connecting flight. Also tried to book passengers two to a room for the 24 hour delay. Delay did not come through on vayama/kayak systems so when I called vayama they couldn't help because they thought the flight had departed on time."
Pros: "Great flight crew."
Cons: "Our flight was delayed 2.5 hrs, however we weren't noticed until 15 mins prior to lift off. During our 9 hrs flight the inflight entertainment system worked for 1.5 hrs, and the movie selection was very limited."
Pros: "Everything seems to go smoothly, the flight was good and we landed on time."
Cons: "Seats were uncomfortable"
Pros: "70% of the entertainment is in Chinese so be prepared with your own stuff. Food was not awful, but not great. Comfort and leg room above average."
Pros: "Good legs room."
Cons: "As above , didn't know the seats and can't check-in."
Pros: "Crew members are very nice and kind"
Cons: "But it takes more just being nice to be a good service. I always flight business and occasionally first class within the Star Alliance system. I'm a Chinese and I love my people. By still keeping my Chinese citizenship after 27 years living in US may show that. But I have to say my dear Chinese crew members always miss some details on service. For instance, this time on my way back to JFK, they woke us up five hours before landing to serve us the light meal, that other Star Alliance airlines usually do around two hours ahead of landing. I took Air China four times in the past 10 months and they always did the same thing, even though I specifically requested that don't wake me up if I'm sleeping. They turned on the cabin lights and talked with passengers next to me very loud. I hope it's not the case that they serve the light meal so early in order to get their jobs done earlier ahead of landing. Other Star Alliance airlines never do this kind of thing."
Cons: "The staff were rude and over all air china is quite disorganized. Their website barely works and it was impossible to get any real answers out of the agents on the phone. I tried to request a celiac or gluten free meal and it took 3 phone calls to get an agent who was aware there were even choices. Also, as I'm aware I'm flying in another country I would have like to see more English speaking competence amongst staff flying an international flight from Asia to Canada and back. The staff were not helpful. Like drones with no time for you. This to me is not service. And an airline is providing a service."
Cons: "Small B737 air-craft Delays, delays, delays Cabin Temperature"
Pros: "Hard to find anything that was worth mentioning as outstanding - boarding happened without any hickup and food was average/good."
Cons: "TV screen did not work - 15 hour plus flight, it is a big no-no! Crew not very helpful - language barrier very huge and almost impossible to understand "English" used by crew and on intercom. example: Ladies and gentlemen - sounds like "fishermen" We are taxying towards the runway - came out as ... "we are taxying the wong way" - thankfully we ended on the right runway."
Pros: "The fact that this flight isn't operated by Air China."
Cons: "Nothing so far."
Pros: "Stuff was friendly and provide newspaper in English. The food was good and served promptly. The flight departs and arrived on time."
Cons: "We were not be able to find our luggage on carousal. Because we spent a lot of time to get through passport control it was servicing other airline. The place to ask the question about the luggage has been closed. Finally in almost 2 hours with help of baggage floor service man we found it with some others people luggage."
Cons: "Good"

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