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St. Augustine Car Hire

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St. Augustine car hire information

Pick-up location St. Augustine
Hire locations 10
Airport locations 3

St. Augustine car hire reviews and directory

Rated no. 1
Best rated
8,6 Excellent (9 reviews)
2 locations in St. Augustine
Locations in St. Augustine
2140 South U.s. 1
+1 904 797 1697
525 Outlet Mall Blvd
+1 904 825 1695
  • 8.7
  • 8.7
  • 8.7
  • 8.7
  • 8.4
Recent reviews
10,0 Excellent
Nov 14 2015
Cons: Polite service
10,0 Excellent
Jul 27 2017
Pros: Great service, competitively priced. Easy pick up and drop off for someone's who is always on the go.
10,0 Excellent
Sep 10 2017
Pros: Customer service was excellent. Representative tried hard to solve a problem and made me feel very satisfied once all was said and done. He told me to contact Kayak to get a refund for the xtra charges.
Cons: When making reservation, there was nothing saying there would be an extra charge of $15.00 a day for an additional driver. The rep said there was nothing he could do to waive the fee and since I reserved through Kayak, they would have to be responsible for refunding the fee. Haven't contacted Kayak yet due to preparing for Hurricane Irma which will soon be upon us.
4,0 Okay
Oct 29 2017
Pros: Staff at the location was helpful and very friendly
Cons: Car smelled, was somewhat dirty, windshield was dirty inside and out. There was no windshield wiper fluid and the change oil light came on halfway through the trip.
10,0 Excellent
Nov 28 2017
Highly recommend
Pros: Friendly staff, nice vehicle, see less rental
10,0 Excellent
Feb 27 2018
Nice People
Pros: Highly trained and motivated group makes it easy to get and go. They are all super friendly and professional.
Cons: Taking the seats out of the mini van (no stow and go on the Toyota)
7,6 Good
Oct 30 2018
again, nice people working there
Pros: they gave me a ride back to my school without any reservation.
10,0 Excellent
Feb 12 2019
Pros: Staff was incredible!
6,0 Good
Jan 4 2017
Black Ford Focus
Pros: It was good on gas. The rear back up screen helped in parking and backing up.
Cons: The car had an ant infestation problem. Every time I shifted to drive it went to the load gear. I picked it up in St. Augustine, not JAX.
Rated no. 2
8,4 Excellent (7 reviews)
3 locations in St. Augustine
Locations in St. Augustine
2355 US Highway 1 South
+1 904 797 4229
340 State Road 16
+1 904 825 2764
4900 US Highway 1 North
+1 904 825 1505
  • 8.3
  • 7.7
  • 8.6
  • 8.9
  • 8.6
Recent reviews
6,8 Good
Jan 10 2016
Pros: convient location good price
Cons: car was delivered very dirty on inside. previous renter laft medication and apparently got sick in the back seat.
10,0 Excellent
Sep 25 2016
Good value for the money.
Pros: Everything went as planned for my car rental. The car was clean, gas tank filled and ready to go. I received the information I needed at each end of my trip from the Avis employees.
10,0 Excellent
Nov 27 2016
Successful trip
Pros: Actually I flew into Jacksonville, but mistakingly made the reservation at my destination, St. Augustine. The Avis Rep. in Jacksonville did am excellent job of getting us set up at the airport with a satisfactory car at a fair price
10,0 Excellent
Mar 10 2017
Car rental
Pros: Convenience, price.
Cons: Nothing
10,0 Excellent
Aug 28 2017
Pros: Car clean, make and model exceeded expectations
Cons: Pick up at Walmart ,disorganized Staff very nice , but confused over location of the car , Car was parked in general parking areas, took 20 minutes to find the vehicle
10,0 Excellent
Sep 21 2017
Pros: The price was great
Cons: Great car, no complaints.
2,0 Mediocre
Nov 5 2018
Lost the reservation
Pros: Nothing. I had to rent a seperate rental car.
Cons: The reservation I made was not met. I will not be using Kayak in the future.
Rated no. 3
6,9 Good (27 reviews)
3 locations in St. Augustine
Locations in St. Augustine
2355 Us Highway 1 South
+1 904 794 0708
340 State Road 16
+1 904 825 1924
4900 Us Highway 1 North
+1 904 824 6372
  • 7.1
  • 6.8
  • 7.0
  • 6.8
  • 7.0
Recent reviews
6,4 Good
Sep 12 2016
Poor service
Pros: It was quick after tge worker finished the personal call and the car was easy to find and clean.
Cons: The desk person was on a personal call for 10 min on her cellpohone, while I waited to be served. I understand you have family but you are on the clock. Take the call on a break. I was also never told about the holding fee.
9,6 Excellent
Jan 11 2017
Great service and flexibility
Pros: I was able to get a great price for a good car at the location I wanted. The prepaid gas was actually cheaper than what the local gas was selling for. The agent was very friendly and helpful.
Cons: I can't really complain about Budget at all. The car was small and caused my pain condition to flare up but most cars do that to me, so it isn;t their fault. It was clean and relatively new.
8,0 Excellent
Sep 9 2017
Cons: Charged for full tank of gas when I could have refilled. Person at Budget counter said Orlando would have been out of gas which was not true. Therefore my rental cost nearly doubled as charges $31.00 usd for gasoline and tank was still half full.
2,0 Mediocre
Oct 27 2017
Cons: No one at desk when we arrived. Had to wait half hour at least. Rates much higher than normal !! Car smelled very smoky. Tire pressure was low.
8,4 Excellent
Jan 17 2018
Budget in walmart
Pros: Friendly and quick
Cons: Lack of signage. The Budget rental desk is inside the Walmart, so I was confused when I arrived at the Walmart parking lot and didn’t see a Budget car rental location. I had to call to find out where it was.
4,8 Okay
Jan 22 2018
Pick up at unmarked Walmart? Took ages to figure it out.
Pros: Budget representative in St. Augustine was very nice despite me storming in while complaining about how long it took us to find the place. Got a good value for the money and the car served its purpose to take us to the airport.
Cons: First, the pick up location was an address that led to a Walmart. No signs outside about Budget anywhere. No instructions in the confirmation email about walmart either. It took us forever to figure it out. The representative told us Walmart won't let Budget put up a sign outside. Well, at least send instructions to the clients about where to find the location. Second, car smelled bad. It had over 25000 miles on it, so it is older.
10,0 Excellent
Mar 16 2018
Excellent car
Pros: Excellent car
Cons: It was easy to pick up and easy to drop off so there was nothing that I did not like about this rental car and company.
6,4 Good
Nov 9 2018
Do you or do you not have a rental car?
Pros: My daughter and I went to Budget office in St Augustine, FL to pick up car. First off, hours online were stated as 'opens at 7'am. The employee was not there until going on 8am. Another person told us they didn't have any cars. It was stressful waiting for person to arrive to check. Lucky for me, they did have a car. Headed up the road (an hour plus late) for Concord, NC. Arrived after hours at Avis-Budget office so I had to ca,l Budget for instructions. 'Charlie's helped me get a new drop off spot at Regional airport. I had NO idea how to vet t hete but a friend said they would get me to the airport, which was only 5 miles away. I was instructed to get there before 9pm when they close. We found our way there by 7:15 AND THEY WERE CLOSED!!! Had to drop keys in Dropbox. No one to check car. E etc. POOR BUSINESS!! Susan Streisel
2,0 Mediocre
Nov 9 2015
Terrible, Terrible, Terrible employees
Cons: I had to return my rental from Hertz and switch to a rental from Budget, I talked to the front desk agent at Budget and she advised me to return my car from Hertz first. The desks were about 10ft away from each other mind you, after the return to Hertz I walked over to Budget and they were closed down because they apparently switched there hours to earlier times on Saturdays (which wasn't stated on the website). So my reservation and me being there did not mean anything to them, they just wanted to get out of there on time and left me stranded in the airport and was forced to rent at top dollar through another company, instead of costing me $41 for a 24 hour rental it cost me $120. I have never been so irritated with a business in my life.
6,0 Good
Dec 7 2015
Pros: Free upgrade after first car smelled like urine.
Cons: Tried to give me a urine soaked car.
Rated no. 4
5,1 Okay (16 reviews)
2 locations in St. Augustine
Locations in St. Augustine
2654 Us Highway 1 S
+1 904 797 2165
4900 Us Highwau 1 N
+1 904 826 1374
  • 5.0
  • 5.3
  • 5.3
  • 5.4
  • 4.8
Recent reviews
2,0 Mediocre
Oct 20 2016
Thw Worst.
Pros: Nothing.
Cons: Well...we actually couldnt get a car. We booked the car nearly a week in advance, about a qeek after hurricane matthew came through. I understand that weather can have an effect on businesses, so that ia t the issue.... Apparently the guy working in the offoce called an left a message 2 hours before we went to pick the car up. I hadnt heard the message at that point. We got to the office and entered, but no one was there and there was no sign on the door. Totally unlocked and we waited a few minutes, and then i called the office. The guy had had the phone redirected to his cell, he said he would be back in ten. When he arrived he said, "how did you get in here?" and said "oh, thats not good" upon finding that the door hadnt been locked. After we had already been waiting there for 10-15 minutes, he says "didnt you get my voicemail? We dont have a car"... He was extremely unhelpful, and when we asked about public transport he said he "doesnt know about it" because he "has a car". We were intending on using a car to get to orlando, so it wasnt just a sight-seeing or convenience thing. We ended up taking an Uber that was harrowing and cost $100. When I later listened to the message (I was too mad at the time), the employee had said something to the effect of "we dont have a car for you right now, call back if you want us to keep looking for one, if you still need it". What?!?! This is the problem I have- surely Hertz would have known there wasnt going to be a car for us more than 2 hours in advance??? Surely the company policy for advising clients that their entire stock of THE ONLY thing they have to offer and only reason for business is gone is not ONE unprofessional and vague voicemail? I have never been met with a less helpful employee, and would have thought that he might have tried to help us find a substitute form of transport... Dealing with Hertz will hurt your brain, basically.
9,2 Excellent
Apr 28 2017
Cons: Car wasn't ready when I got there 30 minutes early. Rental agent was a bit, shall we say, grumpy.
6,0 Good
Apr 30 2017
Pros: Cancelled reservation.
2,0 Mediocre
May 7 2017
Never again
Pros: Nothing. My overall experience was horrible.
Cons: The man gave me the wrong car because he had no other cars in stock yet I reserved the car a month or more ahead of time. Which should have been plenty of time to get the car I ordered. I had paid for a full-size but was given the smallest compact car. He had no sympathy and gave no compensation for the wrong car. Plus there were fees I had no idea about other than the underage fee. I will never be renting from hertz again. They lack in customer service and I do not like that I was given I different car than I had paid for!!!!
8,8 Excellent
May 16 2017
Great value
Pros: Price was great. Nice person at counter for pick up and return.
Cons: No windshield wiper fluid
2,0 Mediocre
May 30 2017
Will never use again
Cons: After booking and pre-paying for a rental car, showed up at Hertz to find out there were no vehicles available. So not only being left hanging, had our bank card charged and was told it would be three weeks before credited. Not happy at all!! There will not be a positive reference from us for either of the companies And am looking for the prompt return of our funds.
2,0 Mediocre
Oct 18 2017
Pros: I liked the way I was treated at the Manchester NH airport, where I exchanged the car I had to settle for from saint Augustine. The car was not a full size,as requested! It was not clean inside or out and it had less than half a tank. Plus Calvin tryed to charge me twice the agreed price. David however exchanged the mid size Sentra for a clean full size Avalon with a full tank of gas. To top it off upon the return of the car back to the place I picked up the Sentra there was another attempt to charge me more than what my price is from the print out from Manchester NH. Family and friends all asked who I rented from and that they will not use them.
Cons: All in above-mentioned statement.
2,0 Mediocre
Nov 28 2017
Stay away
Cons: Even though we had a reservation, they didn't have any cars! Now waiting for a refund that isn't happening too quickly!
2,0 Mediocre
Dec 7 2017
Car not ready
Pros: Nothing
Cons: The car was not available at the time of the rental.
2,0 Mediocre
Feb 20 2018
Worst experience of my life!!
Pros: Carla, from customer service who helped me and Carl in the St. Augustine office
Cons: I wasn’t told about a Do Not Rent list when I went in a month ahead of time, I was kept on hold and hung up on for more than three hours, I lost a job opportunity because I wasn’t able to leave until six hours after I rented the car, I had mechanical issues and was treated like I was the issue by customer service, no manager available when I switched to another car nor when I turned in the car. Worst experience of my life and I have no way to make a formal complaint.
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