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Fenton, MI, United States
Oct 24 — Oct 31
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Fenton, MI, United States
Sun 24/10
Sun 31/10
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6.8 Good (43 reviews)
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2.0 MediocreJul 17 2020
I reserved a car for 9 am due to lack of employees not ready until noon had a golf time for 1:30 in Grand Rapids with 11 other people you messed it up thanks DollarStaff your facility
7.2 GoodApr 28 2018
Car ran well and was great on gas...The car had not been washed in a long time..I washed it before I took it back...
4.0 OkayApr 27 2018
Beware - Dollar Charges more on Credit Card as Deposit upon Pick-up!!!Dollar was a bust, but Enterprise came to the rescue!I have a $500 limit on my credit card, the rental with insurance was was quoted at $425, I was fine with the price. Was not worried as my credit card had $500 remaining credit. That was until Dollar then charged my credit card over $525, without telling me, my credit card was then declined, because of the $500 limit. Dollar is not able to delete the charge after the card had been swiped, I was standing there with no car, and completely stressed, as I had no other card on me except my debit card, which Dollar does not accept. If dollar would have just stated, before they swiped my card, "your initial charge will be $525, is that okay?" then I would have not gotten the insurance and been on my way. It was a nightmare, but Enterprise accepted my debit, so I was able to get a vehicle, even though is was at a slightly higher price.
3.6 MediocreJan 10 2018
Fumes for rentReally?Reserved a mid- sized compact but got a tiny mini-fridge on wheels for my visit to Sub-Zero Clarkston, MI. Even worse, the interior gave off noxious paint fumes ( how was this possible)? And dangerous: the windshield washer fluid was either empty, or the sprayer was broken in that p o c Hyundai Accent.
2.0 MediocreAug 23 2017
Bait and SwitchReserved a car at Dollar using Kayak and when I got there to pick the car up I was told that they do not accept debit cards or cash. We stopped using credit cards 5 years ago and this has never been an issue before, so after a bit of panic I called my daughter and had her make the hour trip to rent the car using her car. Since she is under 25 they added $28 per day to the charges. Than they added another $15 per day for me to a driver on it. We then get the car, about 90 minutes after we arrived at the desk, and it is not an Intermediate model, but a Fiesta compact. Go back to the desk and are told that is what I reserved. At this point we are way late leaving for the funeral we are attending, so we just take the car and leave as we have no more time to argue with the desk agent. Later I pull up my reservation and see that I had in fact rented a Intermediate sized car and 4 people ended up spending 20 hours in a little tin car because of the desk agent lying to me. I am a bit upset at Kayak for not notifying me of this locations payment policies and steaming mad at Dollar for their dishonest desk agent.
5.2 OkayAug 14 2017
6.0 GoodJul 14 2017
Bald tiresThe costLate getting car. Upgraded, nice but the tires were so bald that I hydroplaned all over in the rain. Almost lost control several times!
2.0 MediocreApr 10 2017
This people customer service is the worst I have ever seenNothing, the person at the front desk was disgusting treating us. It was charging for everything thus the rate sky rocket to almost 1K for the 10 days. I think was the result of seeing that we booked there Kayak. At the end we did not rent the car... We went with another company near home and they service and customer care was EXCELLENT, they even upgraded us to an SUV since they did not have the size car that we rented available.Everything and specially the man at front desk. The company should fire this guy since is making lose money for them.
10.0 ExcellentMar 8 2017
joy ridedriving someone else's car. my name is douglass owen quinlan and I approve this message.driving someone else's car. I love my truck but it don't 60 miles per gallon for 25 dollars.
2.0 MediocreFeb 15 2017
Rental policies were different than represented. Didn't rent from Dollar. Will not rent from any Hertz affiliated companies.
Rated no. 2
8.1 Excellent (18 reviews)
1 location in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
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Recent reviews
3.6 MediocreMar 26 2020
Easy pickup.I picked up the car in the dark. Once it was light I could see the disgusting condition of the car. I called to complain and they were sorry but no help. I have pictures if anyone is interested. Avis isn’t interested as they never contacted me after. Poor customer service.
8.4 ExcellentDec 30 2019
Price was great. Employees behind the counter for pick up and return were extremely pleasant. Loved the roominess of the vehicle.The car had a funny smell to it, like smelly gym clothes were left in it. Other companies have you prepay for gas if you’d like ata cheaper price so you can return the car without a full tank of gas. Find it helpful sometimes as you may be running behind and don’t have time to fill up or can’t find a gas station near by. When checking in and out there was only one person helping behind the desk. Would have been nicer if there was two people to keep things moving quicker.
10.0 ExcellentDec 16 2019
Everything went well. The counter service was great and everything was efficient. The car was great; very clean.I was happy. Just maintain the value and consistency
9.6 ExcellentNov 23 2019
Staff at pickup was very friendly and then staff at drop off was great. I forgot my Kindle in the car and they phoned me right away and kept it for me. Amazing service.Was very disappointed to rent a $100 per day car without bluetooth. In 2019 bluetooth should be standard.
5.6 OkaySep 9 2019
I liked that the pick-up and drop-off was at the terminalWe ordered a premium car--Impala and instead given a full-sized car. Though my paperwork said Impala, since we booked through carRentals..com, Avis wouldn't honor it. The first car that we were given reeked of cigarettes. We then received a Ford Fusion and, although clean, was too small for 5 people
6.4 GoodJul 31 2019
The customer service person was friendly and attentive.The car! Had a terrible odor. This car needs to be removed from service. There was a strong marijuana odor.
3.2 MediocreJul 27 2017
Poor Service Dirty CarComputer system was down and took 45 minutes to get the car. No apology offered. Car windshield was filthy INSIDE forcing me to buy Windex. Car smelled like cigarettes.
10.0 ExcellentJun 27 2017
Easy drop off. Very courteous clerk.No complaints at all.
10.0 ExcellentMay 30 2017
Superior serviceCloseness of counter to car and reasonable price for a top line car.
10.0 ExcellentMar 6 2016
Quick, easy pick up.NA
Rated no. 3
8 Excellent (17 reviews)
4 locations in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
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Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleSep 20 2021
The staff on 09/10/21 Flint airport was terrible. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years and was treated rudely and given wrong information about debit card policy. The National staff is nothing compared to Enterprise.
10.0 ExcellentAug 24 2021
Thank you, my rental was perfect. I was really surprised with the power of the vehicle.
10.0 ExcellentAug 26 2019
Staff was friendly and everything was very easy.
10.0 ExcellentJan 28 2019
Very satisfied!
9.6 ExcellentAug 31 2018
Great all around.Excellent customer service. Free upgrade to the perfect vehicle for our needs to move my daughter back to school.
10.0 ExcellentAug 6 2018
Family vacation rentalEasy pick up and drop off.Nothing
8.0 ExcellentJul 3 2018
Another switchWanted the advertised Soul, liked the free upgrade and nice people.You guys never have the car you feature on your website when we are making reservations??????
2.0 MediocreJun 26 2018
Total disappointmentNothingBooked online...at airporr because had biggest selection, had a family member drive all the way out to pick up car while on vacation to be told since I was PAYING with my debit card i could not take the car. Mind you I tried to call ahead to see what was needed only to get no answer. Never again and now would like refund for insurance prepaid...
4.0 OkayFeb 18 2018
Not much helpCarWhen to the service counter. It costed 100. A night for this car and they wanted to add 13.50 to have my spouse drive it. They made us walk way out in a dark parking lot and did NOT bring the car to us. Then there were door dents not reported so we had to walk all the way back up and the counter person did not come out and look at them. We waited to show the dents for 2 other clients which took about another 1/2 hour of our time. Just poorly managed... not very good customer service and costly.
2.4 MediocreApr 7 2017
The car smelled so bad! The was a moldy salad under the driver's seat that made me sick.
Rated no. 4
8 Excellent (26 reviews)
1 location in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
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Recent reviews
7.9 GoodAug 11 2021
The car had scratches and a smoke smell that wasn't already filled out on the check-in slip. I didn't want to be charged for them so it took awhile to notate those and then stand in line again to confirm those with the check-in person. Just an added step that could have easily been taken care of before I got to the car. Also, the price for about 12 hours of use seemed excessive.
10.0 ExcellentApr 23 2021
Easy in and out. Great Customer Service.They did everything right. Easy experience.
2.0 MediocreDec 30 2020
Agent was rude at pick up. I explained that I need to get to a doctors appointment. She insisted on going through every question although I have a profile with Budget. Then said we had to wait because car just came on and needed to be washed. After much discussion she made us sign as is waiver. She said we should have taken an earlier flight. No earlier flight was available and our flight was late. Which she said was not her fault
8.0 ExcellentJul 12 2017
pick up and drop off car right at the Flint airport convenient. No shuttle travel.Had to put air in the tires as the low pressure warning came on - twice. Windshield got hit by a rock and cracked. Couldn't contact anyone at Budget in Flint for advice. Never answered their phone. We will see how the charges go for the windshield. ???
2.0 MediocreApr 2 2017
Budget sucksVehicle was cheap on gasCustomer services was poor they wouldnt give me the vehicle I request had too argure about the rental car for a hr they seemed like they was racist
10.0 ExcellentFeb 14 2017
0n time no problems
10.0 ExcellentDec 30 2016
I saved $63.00I saved $63.00 going through "Kayak". I originally reserved a car from Budget and when advised by my son to use this company the price for the same car was only $48.00 compared to $111.00. Thank you for the opportunity to do business with you.
8.0 ExcellentJun 13 2016
the attendent at the desk was very confinent and carful-I also told him so.
8.0 ExcellentJun 3 2016
No instructions on returning. Just parked it in the same area and went inside....no one checked it, acknowledged it was ok, etc.
10.0 ExcellentDec 31 2015
excellentwas able to get the czr quickley and the return process was also very quickley no problems will rent again
Rated no. 5
6.4 Good (16 reviews)
1 location in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
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  • 6.3
  • 6.6
  • 6.6
Recent reviews
4.0 OkayOct 13 2020
There wasn’t anything for me to like or dislike because they didn’t have any cars available for me to rent. If anything I would say I was disappointed.
4.8 OkayJun 15 2020
Pickup and drop off were find. No issues with that nor the staff, other than when I dropped off and explained of some issues, the attendant did not seem too concerned about it.I picked up my car and it was dirty. Garbage in the door, crumbs in the cup holders. Shortly after I picked the car up, the check engine light came on. I attempted to call the 1-800 number on the brochure given to me at pickup. The menu was unable to connect me with a person based on the reason for my call. So....I had a car for 3 days that I didn't really drive because I was unable to get assistance with the issue. When I dropped it off and explained what had happened, the staff just said, "Yeah, you can never really get through on the 800 number." What in the world! If that is the case, then why are customers not given a local number to call? She offered to give me a card to call the manager, but at that point....what was the point in doing that? I told her that I would probably just not use their service in the future. She just said "ok. Sorry for the inconvenience." I was very unimpressed with the service provided to me during my rental with your company.
9.2 ExcellentSep 9 2019
Staff was very friendly and knowledgeableOnly one person was working. Had to wait almost an hour to get the car.
2.0 MediocreJul 23 2019
No cars were available at pickup even though a reservation was made.
9.6 ExcellentApr 30 2019
The staff was informed and helped to address my needs. Pick up and drop off was super easy.Bold print station that a credit card was needed. Caused an hour delay in my agenda.
8.0 ExcellentJan 28 2019
Car received was okay.
9.6 ExcellentMay 11 2018
The representative from Thrifty was not present so Hertz representative quickly came to assist me.There was not a way to pay by using my debit card and was not allowed to use my company credit card. So the options for payment were narrowed significantly. There was not a Thrifty representative present and I confused how to get my vehicle.
7.6 GoodFeb 27 2018
Nissan Rouge Rental- ThriftyThe vehicle was a good size and very comfortable. The process of rental was very fast and efficient.The exterior and interior of the vehicle was not cleaned out from previous rentals. There was trash and debris on the floors (empty water bottles under the seat).
10.0 ExcellentFeb 20 2018
The car was nice and a good price, purchasing the insurence online was the best deal!The insurence at the branch was 3 times the price of the car!
2.0 MediocreAug 14 2017
HorribleNothingWouldn't expect my debit card
1 location in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
Recent reviews
1 location in Fenton
Locations in Fenton
Recent reviews
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  • The average price of fuel in Fenton is R51,87 per litre over the past 30 days. Filling up a tank of fuel costs between R622 and R830, depending on the car size.

  • Economy (Ford Fiesta or similar) is the most frequently booked car hire type in Fenton.

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