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Rensselaer, NY, United States
Oct 27 — Nov 3
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Rensselaer, NY, United States
Wed 27/10
Wed 3/11
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7.3 Good (97 reviews)
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Recent reviews
1.9 HorribleOct 12 2021
We arrived to pick up our vehicle after the office closed at 5:00 Our plane landed at 5:30. We called the 800# (no one was at the actual location when we went by) and customer service told us, no problem, your car is prepaid - they will hold it for 24 hours. We stayed overnight locally, and we arrived at the location right at 8:00 when the office opened and they had already rented our car to someone else and we were told they had no more cars available. The office told us they only had an obligation to hold the car for 2 hours. Called customer service back and was told the 24 hour hold on a pre-paid car was just a courtesy and that the location was allowed to rent it to another customer if it wasn't picked up within two hours of the pick up time. That information would have been helpful the night before. Just a really unfortunate set of circumstances. When we tried to rent from another rental company, the rates were off the charts - $1,600 for 4 days for the last couple of vehicles left in the area. No one had cars. So this office rented to the next person for probably much more than we paid since availability was low and we had made our pre-paid reservation weeks before. We were told that we should have called the location, we did, but no one was there, so we called the 800#. Just a terrible reservation and communication system.
1.9 HorribleOct 10 2021
Had to go offsite from airport to pick up car. Waited 20 minutes and then was given an unclean car with half a tank of gas.
10.0 ExcellentSep 27 2021
Staff at pick up and drop off were helpful, friendly and efficient.
5.9 OkaySep 21 2021
I went to pick up my small SUV reservation. I walk in and the front desk attendant told me they only have cargo vans left. 5 minutes later, somehow they had minivans, which were supposed to be reserved for tomorrow’s reservations, but 4 of us walked in and were waiting. They started the day with 50 reservations and only had 30 cars. There was only one gentleman working but 2 people were walking around saying “we’ll be right with you” - I’m not sure their purpose. The one gentleman helping me wasn’t super helpful prior to finding a minivan. Just shrugging his shoulders about my reservation.
10.0 ExcellentSep 16 2021
The rental location was terrific. I wish that it was made clearer to me that I was not renting from a location that was shuttled to/from the airport and that I would have to hire someone to drive me there. I understand that this was my error, but it has taught me that I can’t rely on Kayak to provide that information.
1.9 HorribleAug 21 2021
When I went to pick up the car there wasn’t a car available. Had to rent from National instead
5.9 OkayAug 19 2021
Staff was great, cheerful. No problem with our rep. When I reserved it I had searched Albany Airport but was unknowingly given the location in downtown Albany-5 miles away. No shuttle, had to find our own ride to location. They wouldn’t let us return to the Hertz airport location either, so we had to get another ride. Very inconvenient. Car was not ready for pickup, they had to clean it and take it to gas station to fill up, then brought it back to Hertz. It was inundated with Febreez odor, so much it was hard to breathe. As it wore off it reeked of cigarettes. We had to keep febreezing it during the week. Other than the odor, the car ran fine and was bigger than what I had reserved, which was appreciated.
1.9 HorribleAug 18 2021
Bad hours, difficult to reach and get information.
3.9 MediocreAug 1 2021
We booked the rental vehicle to be picked up at 5 but we got there to find out they closed at 5 so had to book a hotel and pick up the next day. It was a super pain! I feel like there was some communication lapse between the location and kayak/Priceline.
1.9 HorribleJul 26 2021
Our flight landed in Albany at 4:05. We walk over to the Hertz counter after waiting in line for 30 minutes and the lady says your rental is not here it’s at an offsite location. I pay for an Uber and by the time we get to the other Hertz it’s closed. The attendant is still there but would not open the door. There’s a sheet of paper covering their hours with new hours and they closed now at 5pm. He said come back at 8am tomorrow. My daughter had a hockey game 2 hours away the next morning so I needed the car. I called Hertz. They said if I go back to the airport I can get a rental there but it will be another $863. I Uber back to the airport and they are overbooked by 60 cars. I ended paying $200 for an Uber to take us to our hotel in Massachusetts, never picked up the car, the supervisor at Hertz wouldn’t speak to me, and I’m out all of the money I spent on the rental plus all of the Uber fees I paid all weekend. I also had to change my flight because I had no means of getting back to Albany which cost me $400 more to fly out of Boston. I will never rent through Kayak or Hertz ever again.
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6.3 Good (48 reviews)
1 location in Rensselaer
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Recent reviews
3.9 MediocreOct 10 2021
The Budget location at the mall is not for travelers flying. Open 10-4 with no key drop for after hours. Staff was nice but had no cars for reservations already made. I was lucky and got a major upgrade because nothing else was available. I was able to return the car to the airport location which was nice.
10.0 ExcellentAug 23 2021
Excellent car and great service.
3.9 MediocreAug 10 2021
Budget was at Colonie Center and not at the airport. There was no shuttle and needed to get my own transportation to the rental pickup. There is a budget at the airport, however the location that showed up in the search was not at the airport so double check. It was quite a bit cheaper so could still be worth it, but you should definitely check all options.
3.9 MediocreAug 8 2021
It was not clear AT ALL that the car was not located at the airport but instead had to be picked up 15 minutes away. A MAJOR hassle.
4.0 OkayMar 30 2021
I know there is shortage at current time, but car had close to 40,000 miles and noticeable damage on exterior
4.0 OkayJan 7 2021
Car was rented to me with very low tire pressure. Was travelling on the highway stop at 2 gas stations to fix tires air machines with broken and each one had to complete my trip with low tire pressure using way too much gas
6.0 GoodOct 20 2020
carstaff were gone when I arrived
2.8 MediocreJul 10 2020
The staff was helpful but pretty impossible to find at the Albany location.The car was not what I signed up for - I had requested a smaller car and it was a huge jeep. The previous driver smoked cigarettes and the car reaked. I didn't get the sense that it was ever cleaned and it made me feel really uneasy.
10.0 ExcellentApr 24 2020
Staff at both ends did an excellent job!It went totally smooth, I can't offer any improvements because it was seamless.
5.2 OkayAug 26 2019
The staff was excellent!We thought that we booked our vehicle right out of the airport, but apparently the website took us to an offsite rental. We then had to book a much smaller vehicle for $150.00 more! Very unsatisfied with how that all turned out.
Rated no. 3
8.5 Excellent (28 reviews)
5 locations in Rensselaer
Locations in Rensselaer
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Recent reviews
2.0 MediocreNov 11 2020
They did not have the type of car I reserved. Therefore I did not rent with them. They wanted me to wait another day to get more car options. They only had an Escalade available and told me if I wantes it I would have to use a major credit card with a $1000 deposit and on top of that charge me more for it per day than what I signed up for.It would have been nice to have other options like the one i reserved or at least give me the same price for the Escalade they had available.
7.6 GoodSep 2 2019
Returned on a Sunday: drop-off directions were confusing.Clearer drop-off instructions.
8.4 ExcellentAug 26 2019
Staff very friendlyCar rattled and brakes vibrated, seat not comfortable for 5’ driver.
8.4 ExcellentAug 28 2017
The personalized service, along with Enterprise allowing their employees to make decisions,rather than being robots Absolutely fantastic!!!!!
7.2 GoodMar 14 2017
The car worked well. The staff were nice and made pick up and drop off easy.There were a lot of charges beyond the advertised daily price that were either disproportionately high or didn't make sense. Dropping a car off at a different location results in a $130+ fee (this is if you tell enterprise before hand. It is probably higher if you don't). It was cheaper for me to rent from Thursday to Monday than from Saturday to Monday.'
10.0 ExcellentJan 15 2017
Excellent customer service and value for the priceReceived a free upgrade as my vehicle class was sold out Free pick-up to the agency Personable staff that actually treat you like a 'person' not solely a 'customer'N/A
10.0 ExcellentJan 4 2017
The staff were great. Helpful and professional.
6.0 GoodJan 1 2017
Rating Not Applicable (since Enterprise cancelledI was pleased to be able to confirm a reservation for a car via Kayak on Christmas weekend (on very short notice). Unfortunately, Enterprise called me around noon (after the reservation was confirmed around 9am) to tell me that they had to cancel my reservation (due to no car availability). It was disappointing to be granted a reservation only for it to be taken away. But Christmas weekend is kinda crazy, so I'll give Enterprise a pass. Fortunately my old 2000 Saturn (with 150,000 miles) got me from Albany NY to Fairfield CT and back .
7.2 GoodDec 11 2016
Good on gasHaving to call to recuest a refund on a doble charge.
10.0 ExcellentNov 15 2016
Impeccable Service!
Rated no. 4
4.6 Okay (14 reviews)
1 location in Rensselaer
Locations in Rensselaer
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  • 5.1
Recent reviews
6.0 GoodOct 19 2021
I meant to pick this up at the airport, but somehow, I had to pick it up at a mall. I took an Uber there, and couldn't find the place, so I walked through the mall, asked questions, and finally found it. Had to drag my luggage around with me. The car was parked quite a distance from the actual office in a sketchy parking area. The car smelled of skunk - apparently the previous driver had run one over. Also, there was a loud sound coming from the tailpipe. Usually my experiences with Avis have been great.
1.9 HorribleSep 27 2021
Arrived in Albany and went to Avis counter to get car. He flatly stated that I did not have a reservation. I asked him to look again as I had made reservation in June and had called Avis just that week to verify. He then said oh you are at the Colonie Mall. I was confused as I thought my pickup was at the airport. I asked where the shuttle was and he pointed to a phone and said I would need to call for a taxi or uber. We took a taxi (25.00) and when we got to the mall around was CLOSED! No courtesy call, text or email from them! Our taxi took us to a motel around the corner (85.00+) walked over the next morning at 10. Muhammad was cool, aloof and had no apologies for our trouble..adjusted our charges by offer to et us back at end of trip. We missed precious time with family, lost a night at our time share, spent 85+ extra for hotel, taxi 25.00 and uber 12.50.
1.9 HorribleSep 21 2021
The hours of your AVIS outlet were unsatisfactory and there was no reasonable way for me to return the automobile. Therefore I cancelled my rental reservation.
1.9 HorribleAug 22 2021
Booked Albany, assured airport because that is what was requested. Found out at airport that rental was 2 blocks away and by the way they were closed after 4:00. Flight landed at 8:00. When I called to say flight was delayed agent said sorry they would be closed and there was no option. ALTHOUGH airport Avis was open until after 11:00. AND of course the cost went UP to pick up the car from where I thought it was rented.
1.9 HorribleJul 17 2021
Avis is a mess. Our plane was late, the place closed, and they gave the car away despite 3 calls with the call center shortly after the pick up time. Another location had tons of cars but wouldn't move the reservation over or give me a new reservation. The overseas call center is a joke. They dropped my call 3 times and tried to give me a reservation in a city that didn't exist. The call center supposedly has no power to do anything and can't communicate well. I will never use Avis again.
4.0 OkayJul 1 2021
Clean car, quick linesThe employee explained the fuel option as one that I would be paying “per gallon” if it was not returned with a full tank. When I specifically asked about the option and that’s how it was explained to me, it was almost a bold faced lie.
6.0 GoodJun 10 2021
Vehicle was why I expected and performed wellPick up booth was extremely understaffed. Wait to get the car was over a half an hour with a line of twenty people. One agent was stuck with a client using a translation app or there phone working with one client the whole time backup help was never called. Vehicle had not been cleaned when I got it. Dirty inside and out.
2.0 MediocreJan 1 2021
They did not honor the price that I reserved it for. I had to pay more
4.4 OkayMay 15 2020
PriceNo ability to contact local agent, no store front or signage indicating pickup location, only a guy in a car with a sign. My rental was given away to someone else because I was late getting my car because I couldnt find the location, despite calling the national number they assured me everything was OK
9.6 ExcellentOct 23 2019
staff fine at both locations I appreciate that they do not try to push me to take insurancecar is far from office at pickup site and I had trouble finding the Albany office
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